Archives 2021

  • Press release - 07.01.2021

    EIB Group and BNP Paribas launch new securitisation operation to support French companies facing the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis

  • Economy - 11.01.2021

    2021: hopes and challenges

    2021 is a year of hope with the arrival of vaccines. Health-related and economic uncertainty should ease significantly, and better visibility will help boost consumer and business confidence and thus drive economic growth. It is also a year of hope for the climate thanks to European initiatives and the prospect of a change of policy direction in the US. But these hopes bring challenges. How will we manage government debt? How might financial markets react if growth surprises on the upside?

  • Group - 12.01.2021

    BNP Paribas, No. 1 European bank following its 2020 solicited rating by V.E (A1+ rating)

    BNP Paribas obtains the maximum rating of A1+ following its second solicited rating, established by V.E (formerly Vigeo Eiris) at end-2020.

  • Press release - 15.01.2021

    BNP Paribas opens its private equity direct investment activity to its clients and announces an interim closing of BNP Paribas Agility Capital at € 525 M

    BNP Paribas Principal Investments, the entity in charge of investments for the own account of BNP Paribas, has been investing directly in non-listed European mid-caps for more than 12 years. For the first time, BNP Paribas Group offers its European institutional clients and family offices the opportunity to join this strategy via the BNP Paribas Agility Capital fund, in which the Group commits 50%. Following the successful launch of this initiative in 2020, illustrated by an interim closing at already € 525 M, BNP Paribas Agility Capital aims to finalise its fundraising at more than € 600 M in 2021.

  • Cinema - 15.01.2021

    My French Film Festival: the first digital film festival dedicated to French-language cinema

    From 15 January to 15 February 2021, discover the 11th edition of MyFrenchFilmFestival, the festival that celebrates the accomplishments of young French-language film-makers. For a whole month, the Festival offers film lovers from across the world the opportunity to share their love of French cinema by discovering more than 30 previously unreleased films, accessible on and on more than 60 partner platforms. BNP Paribas, a partner of the cinema for over 100 years, supports this digital event dedicated to the creation and distribution of French-language cinema around the globe.

  • Group - 18.01.2021

    Office real estate and Covid-19: three main lessons to learn

    Real estate, like many other sectors, has been highly impacted by the global health crisis. What changes can we anticipate in the office real estate market? Find out thanks to the latest BNP Paribas Real Estate TrendBook, special Covid-19 edition.

  • Group - 21.01.2021

    Data: BNP Paribas’ strategy

    The banking and finance sectors are among those that produce and exchange the largest amount of data, a huge reservoir that offers an exciting perspective for analysis and application: improving the customer experience, making processes more fluid. However, the use of this data must occur within a standardized and secure framework, underpinned by a responsible and inclusive logic. This makes up a dual technological and ethical challenge that guides the Group's digital transformation.

  • CSR - 26.01.2021

    “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations": BNP Paribas top French bank and second in Europe

    In 2021, for the seventh consecutive year, BNP Paribas is a constituent of the recognised “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations” ranking drawn up by specialist Canadian magazine Corporate Knights. Listed for the first time in 2015, this year BNP Paribas is ranked 46th among the world's most sustainable corporations.

  • Careers - 26.01.2021

    BNP Paribas obtains ‘Top Employers Europe 2021’ certification

    For the eighth consecutive year, BNP Paribas has been awarded the “Top Employer Europe” 2021 label by the Top Employers Institute. This award is the result of by BNP Paribas’ Top Employer 2021 certification in seven of the Group’s countries: Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Turkey and Ukraine.

  • Press release - 05.02.2021

    BNP Paribas Group: Results as at 31 December 2020

        The Board of Directors of BNP Paribas met on 4 February 2021, chaired by Jean Lemierre. The Board examined the Group’s results for the fourth quarter and endorsed the 2020 financial statements.

  • Press release - 05.02.2021

    BNP Paribas adapts its organisation to meet new human, technological and commercial challenges

    The Group is adjusting its management team in consideration of the 2022-2025 strategic plan and continues to increase representation of women on governing bodies. 

  • Press release - 11.02.2021

    BNP Paribas rolls out BENEtracker, an innovative solution that enables international credit transfer issuers to offer their beneficiaries real-time monitoring of their transactions with simplicity and security

    BNP Paribas rolls out BENEtracker, an innovative solution that enables international credit transfer issuers to offer their beneficiaries real time monitoring of their transaction with simplicity and security

  • Innovation - 12.02.2021

    Tech for Good: BNP Paribas’ responsible ambition in tech

    “Having technology that serves people is without a doubt a key way forward in successfully transitioning the economy toward a more inclusive and sustainable world,” said Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, Chief Executive Officer and Director of BNP Paribas, as he highlighted the Group’s commitments with the signing of the Tech for Good Call on 1 December, 2020. Gaining more momentum than ever, the French government brought together close to 80 economic leaders, encouraging the use of technology’s vast potential to create a more inclusive society.

  • Press release - 15.02.2021

    BNP Paribas defines a restrictive policy to fight deforestation in the Amazon and the Cerrado regions

    It is the first major international bank to set demanding criteria in terms of fighting against deforestation and ensuring traceability for companies operating in this area that wish to benefit from its financial services.

  • Corporate philanthropy - 17.02.2021

    Portrait of Amala Dianor: from hip-hop to contemporary dance

    Both choreographer and performer with a sensitive body language, Amala Dianor offers a large and hybrid choreographic work where hip-hop and contemporary dance intertwine.

  • Economy - 25.02.2021

    Global economic outlook

    Vaccination and policy support allow to look at the other side of the valley.

  • Group - 08.03.2021

    International Women’s Rights Day: BNP Paribas sets new targets for gender diversity

    Gender equality within the Group has been a key issue that BNP Paribas has worked on consistently and ambitiously for nearly 20 years. Now, just as women represent half of humanity, they make up 52% of the BNP Paribas Group’s workforce worldwide.

  • Press release - 09.03.2021

    BNP Paribas Wealth Management strengthens its position in the Entrepreneurs and Families segment in the Netherlands

    BNP Paribas Wealth Management strengthens its position in the Netherlands to serve Dutch entrepreneurs and families. Bernt Kok has been appointed CEO of BNP Paribas Wealth Management in the Netherlands and Arjan van Rijn appointed Head of Key Clients. The new division aims to leverage on BNP Paribas’s local presence and synergies.

  • Press release - 09.03.2021

    BNP Paribas Partners with Token to launch “Instanea” an instant payment initiative for its merchants customers across Europe

    Instanea underpinned by Token’s Open Banking technology enables faster, secure and more convenient online payments. This solution is available now to BNP Paribas’ retail customers in France for a pilot phase in 2021, with planned rollouts across Europe.

  • Group - 10.03.2021

    Ambitious goals in sustainable finance recognised by International Financing Review

    On February 26th, International Financing Review (IFR) awarded BNP Paribas with several honors including Bank of the Year for Sustainable Finance, a sign of BNP Paribas’ strong leadership in assisting its clients with the transition to a more sustainable economy. What sets BNP Paribas apart in its approach to sustainable finance? We take a look at the Group’s ambitious goals and its view on the future.

  • Press release - 11.03.2021

    BNP Paribas is looking to acquire up to 100% of Exane*

    After a successful 17-year partnership, BNP Paribas is looking to acquire up to 100% of Exane*, raising its stake from the 50% currently held.

  • Group - 15.03.2021

    Four successful years for the BNP Paribas Acceleration Programmes at Station F

    Active and constant sponsor of FinTechs and Insurtechs worldwide, BNP Paribas is a major player in the startup ecosystem. In its Open Innovation dynamic, it has forged partnerships with various acceleration programmes around the world. Since 2017, the Group has been present at Station F, where it operates several acceleration programmes for startups which are all included in our “Fintech and Insurtech Connection”.

  • Corporate philanthropy - 18.03.2021

    #Jazz Portrait: The Volunteered Slaves, the meeting of jazz and funk

    Jazz with funk accents, five musicians united for nearly 20 years, an overflowing energy, a mix of styles, cultures and generations… Welcome to the world of The Volunteered Slaves! Supported by the BNP Paribas Foundation since 2016, this French jazz group, bubbling with talent and ideas, is releasing its 5th album SpaceShipOne this year, an ode to space that blends jazz, funk, afro and electro. On this occasion, we draw the portrait of these gifted musicians who have overcome the frontiers of musical genres.

  • CSR - 19.03.2021

    BNP Paribas supports scientific research on climate in Arctic regions

    In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, BNP Paribas actively adresses global warming issues through a number of channels, including its Foundation and partnerships with influencers in a variety of domains - from science to cinema - and also by developing sustainable finance tools that incorporate climate-related levers. Recognising the fundamental importance of studying Earth's melting ice, in montains and in polar regions such as the Arctic, has been a particular focus due to the impact this rapid change has on all aspects of the envronment.

  • CSR - 23.03.2021

    How "We Engage" with sustainable finance: internal training on social and environmental challenges

    In line with its company purpose and its transformation strategy, BNP Paribas offers an ambitious training programme to its 200,000 employees worldwide: ‘We Engage.’ Its goal? Raising their awareness of environmental and social issues as well as providing them with a true "passport" for sustainable finance, We Engage explainins the role that everyone can play in this field, both internally and with the bank's customers. BNP Paribas is one of the first companies in the world to offer all its employees training on the concrete and operational aspects of sustainable development.

  • Economy - 24.03.2021

    Economic outlook in emerging markets

  • Careers - 24.03.2021

    The banking jobs: how digital transformation can support our insurance business. Michael Nguyen, CIO at BNP Paribas Cardif

    BNP Paribas Cardif, the world leader in credit insurance, plays a key role in the daily life of its clients by offering them products and services that enable them to carry out their projects, while protecting themselves against the vagaries of life. A subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group operating in 33 countries, the company leverages a business model based on partnerships and has set itself the mission of making insurance more accessible. In a world that has been deeply changed by digital technology, which takes a growing place in the activities of its partners and the daily lives of its clients, BNP Paribas Cardif seeks to be ever more agile, innovative and efficient.

  • Corporate philanthropy - 25.03.2021

    Refugeeks by Simplon, a program to facilitate refugee integration through learning of digital skills and French

    Created by the Simplon network, the “Refugeeks” program set up in 2019, aims to reduce the digital divide for refugees while offering them the opportunity to learn French. When they arrive on French soil, refugees face many obstacles to their integration: a language they need to learn and the lack of landmarks when it comes to internet use. In the frame of the BNP Paribas European-wide refugee aid program launched in 2015, the BNP Paribas Foundation has been supporting the Refugeeks program since inception, amongst other partners.

  • Group - 26.03.2021

    Developing the circular economy

    The circular economy is no longer restricted to retail companies. The public health crisis has revealed how important this concept is, on the one hand, in the face of the accelerating insecurity for a large part of society, and, on the other, in the face of an increasing awareness on the preservation of natural resources.

  • Corporate philanthropy - 08.04.2021

    Invasive exotic species: how much are they costing us?

    The issue of invasive exotic species remains underestimated, even though they are known to be the second greatest threat to biodiversity. Indeed, invasive exotic species represent a major cause of native species extinction of disruption to human health, and of economic collapse in some sectors. To raise awareness of the issue, a team of researchers spent five years calculating the worldwide economic impact of these species since the 1970s. One hundred specialists from 39 countries contributed to this enlightening scientific study, enabled by the InvaCost database and funded by the BNP Paribas Foundation.

  • Group - 14.04.2021

    Interview with Marie-Geneviève Loys Carrieras, Head of Solidarity Investments

    With the publication of the BNP Paribas Asset Management 2020 social performance report (in French), Marie-Geneviève Loys Carreiras, Head of Solidarity Investments, BNP Paribas Asset Management addresses the challenges of impact investing and the results of solidarity investment activity in 2020, a year that was exceptional in many respects.

  • Careers - 15.04.2021

    The banking jobs: PACE, agility in the service of the Group's transformation

    Innovative technologies, new players, evolving customer practices: major changes are profoundly impacting the banking, finance and insurance sector. To adapt to these changes and anticipate future developments, BNP Paribas has set up a cross-functional unit responsible for supporting the transformation of retail banking in France and abroad. PACE's keywords: customer experience, opportunities and innovation. Fanny Dufaud, Strategy & Marketing Manager at PACE, tells us more.

  • Group - 19.04.2021

    Carbon footprints: BNP Paribas helps its employees and clients reduce their environmental impacts

    Over the course of 2020, BNP Paribas continued its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and offered its clients new solutions to help them do the same. During this year marked by many challenges, digital issues have become key topics in these processes.

  • Corporate philanthropy - 19.04.2021

    The BNP Paribas Foundation stands alongside its artists

    As a patron of contemporary creation, the BNP Paribas Foundation has been active since the start of the health crisis to support its partners, in particular by honouring all its philanthropic commitments to the artists and institutions it sponsors. Despite the conditions imposed by the current context, artists continue to follow their muse with energy and determination, as they await the day when they can reconnect with performance venues and audiences. Find out how they are adapting to the situation and what the BNP Paribas Foundation is doing to support them in a new series of video interviews.

  • Economy - 20.04.2021

    Economic outlook USA: a vigorous economic recovery

    Even as the United States passed the tragic threshold of 560,000 Covid-19 deaths, the acceleration of the vaccination campaign (40% of the population has already been covered) raises hopes that the crisis is nearing an end. In a televised speech, President Biden set the symbolic date of July 4th – Independence Day – for a possible return to normal. Google Mobility indicators are already showing signs of improvement: with the rebound in employment (nearly a million jobs were created in March alone), they confirm that the consumption growth engine has started up again, after stalling in winter 2020.

  • Press release - 21.04.2021

    BNP Paribas joins the Net-Zero Banking Alliance launched by the UNEP

    In line with its commitments to fight climate change, BNP Paribas has joined the Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA) launched today by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI). This banking alliance is a decisive step in the mobilisation of the financial sector for climate. It is part of the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero chaired by Mark Carney ahead of COP26.