BNP Paribas undertakes to make its internet, intranet and extranet sites and software packages accessible in accordance with Article 47 of Law no. 2005-102 of 11 February 2005.

To this end, it implements the following strategy and actions:

  • Multi-year accessibility plan is currently being drafted
  • Actions will be planned shortly
  • Action plan is currently being drafted

This accessibility statement applies to the site

1.1 State of compliance

The BNP Paribas Group ( is in partial compliance with the General Guidelines for Improving Accessibility (“RGAA”), version 4.1, due to the non-conformities and deviations listed below.

1.2 Results of the tests

The audit of compliance performed by Urbilog indicates 58% compliance with the RGAA version 4.1 criteria.

The average rate of compliance of the online service is 71%.

Out of the 106 criteria, 66 are applicable, of which:

  • 38 criteria in compliance
  • 28 criteria not in compliance

1.3 Non accessibile content

1. Images

  • Presence of a non-empty ALT attribut on decorative <img> tab
  • No replacement with stylish text for a text image

2. Frame

  • Frames without  "display:none" titles

3. Colors

  • Information convey only by colour
  • Contrast of less than 4.5:1 between text and background
  • Contrast of less than 3 :1 between text and background
  •  Contrast of less than 3 :1 between an interface component and background

4. Multimedia

  • Presence of multimedia time-based media without text transcription or audio description
  • Subtitles not controllable by the user
  • Non-identifiable temporal media

5.  Tables

Some information such as breadcrumbs and categories are only indicated by a change of colour upon hovering.

6. Links

  • Links pointing to the same page
  • Presence of a text alternative inside a composite link
  • Presence of a button in a composite link
  • Presence of buttons opening a new tab inside composite links 
  • Irrelevant links 
  • Part of the link not rendered on the filters 
  • Presence of empty links

7. Scripts

  • Nature of a button unidentifiable
  • Missing aria-current=true attribute
  • Poor link vocalization 
  • Poor breadcrumb vocalization 
  • Presence of the role=tab attribute in an open/close
  • Absence of aria-current=step attribute on anchors leading to sections 
  • Menu not very usable for keyboard interactions 
  • Poor keyboard interaction

8. Mandatory elements

  • Presence of validation errors
  • Language change not reported
  • HTML element used for presentation purposes

9. Structuring information

  • Irrelevant titration plan

10. Presentation of information

  • Presence of presentation attributes
  • Content not accessible in zoom 200% on the popin cookies

11. Forms

  • Input fields without labels 
  • Button title not self-explanatory enough
  • Value of aria-label attributes non-compliant 
  • Incorrect positioning of mandatory fields on the form 
  • Error message not related to the input field 
  • No suggestion of input on the email address field 
  • No autocomplete attributes

12. Navigation

  • Visual lack of a quick access link

13.  Consultation

  • Downloadable office document not accessible

1.4 Disproportionately burdened derogation

Nothing to report

1.5 Content not subject to the accessibility obligation

Nothing to report

1.6 Drawing up the accessibility declaration

This accessibility statement was drawn up on 30.11.2022.

Technologies used for the realisation of BNP Paribas BNP Group []

1.6.1 Technologies used for the production of

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Javascript

1.6.2 Test environment

The verifications of content retrieval were performed using the RGAA 4.0 guidelines, with the following versions:

  • NVDA 2021.3 and Firefox 95.0
  • JAWS 2021 and Internet Explorer 11
  • VoiceOver Mac OS 12.0.2 and Safari 15.1

1.6.3 Tools for evaluating accessibility

  • Contrast Colour Analyser
  • Assistant RGAA V.4.1
  • Navigator Inspector
  • Web Developer Toolbar

1.6.4 Site pages covered by the verification of compliance

1.7 Feedback and contact

If you are unable to access any content or service, you may contact the BNP Paribas Group site manager to be directed to an accessible alternative or to obtain the content in another form.

To do this, send a message to:

1.8 Remedies

This procedure is to be used in the following case: You have reported to the website manager a lack of accessibility that prevents you from accessing any of the portal’s content or services and you have not received a satisfactory response