Being “the bank for a changing world” means that BNP Paribas must adapt to those changes that affect its customers, in making innovation a hallmark of its strategic challenges.

BNP Paribas’ ambitions in innovation are driven, among other things, by the Technology pillar of our GTS 2025 strategic plan (unavailable link), technology that is used to constantly improve the customer/employee experience and operational performance. Grasping new trends and adapting to new uses are our two key priorities in offering our individual, corporate and institutional clients the best of digital and human resources, through innovative and secured solutions.

Meeting technological challenges

For several years now, widespread digitalisation of uses has impacted all activities in the banking sector. BNP Paribas’ innovation strategy is based on five main vectors:

  1. Addressing our clients new needs
  2. Adapting to new uses, while dealing with competitors, including new ones in neobanks
  3. Anticipating and integrating regulatory shifts
  4. Continuing to modernise our IT systems within a data-sharing ecosystem
  5. Guaranteeing the right level of security and protection of our clients’ data

    Rising to these technological challenges also means controlling risks, including cyber risks, fraud risks and data-integrity risks. And, lastly, we must meet the challenge of digital sobriety, which is now essential for converging the drive towards transformation and the reduction of environmental impacts.
“Among our strategic priorities is our determination to maximise synergies between all our businesses to accelerate the roll-out of digital offerings. The efficiency with which we are conducting our digital transformation gives us a significant advantage in the highly competitive environment we work in.”

Thierry Laborde

Chief Operating Officer, Commercial, Personal Banking & Services

Innovating for our clients

The customer experience is the hallmark of the advances we are making in technology, guaranteeing a seamless and rapid user experience, while ensuring a high degree of security in operations and our clients’ data. For this purpose, we are maximising synergies between all our business lines to accelerate the roll-out of our digital offerings.

The customer experience

To provide a successful customer experience and guarantee secured, seamless and personalised customer paths, BNP Paribas imagines and develops user-centred products and services. At an early stage, “design thinking” methods are integrated into the design process, to optimise the user experience (UX). 

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Innovative means of payments

To meet the changing needs of all its clients – individuals, merchants, and corporates in particular – BNP Paribas’ payment strategies focus on innovation and personalisation in offering a simple, seamless and secured experience. The Group is as a major player in creating innovative and sustainable payment solutions.

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Beyond Banking: offer extra-banking services

Our customers’ needs have evolved in response to the acceleration of digital uses and competition with neobanks. While we remain mobilised on our core business, in our role as a trusted partner we offer non-banking products and services to meet our customers’ needs and support them at key moments of their lives.

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Innovating with our teams and partners

To accelerate its transformation, BNP Paribas has set up partnership strategies with new sector players. Its foothold in the start-up ecosystem allows it to take an open innovation approach, particularly in working alongside fintechs both for co-creation and to support customers and offer them new banking services. Innovation also helps BNP Paribas stand out in mobility solutions at various stages of the value chain – whether in infrastructure financing, assisting the energy transition of sector companies, or in providing employees with mobility solutions.

Open Innovation

In a highly competitive and increasingly digitalised banking sector, Open Innovation allows us to accelerate our transformation and enhance the value proposition of the products and services that we offer our customers. This cooperative approach is supported by BNP Paribas’ solid and long-standing foothold in the start-up ecosystem, making it the go-to bank for innovative companies.

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Rolling out and offering innovative mobility solutions

Our ambitions in mobility solutions are furthered by BNP Paribas Mobility, an umbrella initiative of all the Group’s business lines that support and finance the transition of sector players. It is built around five development vectors that accelerate the roll-out of alternative mobility solutions for all our customers and employees.

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Accelerating our transformation

Artificial intelligence has been built into BNP Paribas’ tools and processes since 2016, and it has several applications.

AI allows us:

  • to better know our clients while enhancing their experience and providing them personalised offers;
  • to detect and control risks;
  • to optimise our employees’ operating efficiency.

    The launch of generative IA tools announced in 2022 has brought to light various applications that are both wide-ranging and highly promising. Against this backdrop, BNP Paribas pledges to roll out artificial intelligence in a structured and regulated manner, while adhering to the Group’s ethical values and aligning applications with our sustainable finance ambitions.

Data & Artificial Intelligence

With a community of more than 700 data scientists and AI business analysts working closely to meet the needs of the Group’s business line needs, as of the end of 2023, BNP Paribas had already rolled out more than 700 use cases and identified nearly 100 generative AI use cases.


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