Being “the bank for a changing world” means that BNP Paribas must adapt to those changes that affect its customers, in making innovation a hallmark of its strategic challenges.

Innovating in new mobilities to provide a seamless customer experience

Being attentive to its customers and serving them to its utmost is what drives BNP Paribas the hardest. Innovation is a way of guaranteeing a seamless customer experience, one that is rapid and secure in both its human and digital dimensions. Means of payment are a key component of this, for both our individual and professional clients. BNP Paribas, for example, was the first bank in France to offer a biometric card, which can be used to make contactless payments in amounts above 50 euros. For large clients and institutions, the Centric digital platform provides access to all their banking needs, including cash management, trade finance, rate products, market research, reporting and many others.

Innovation also allows BNP Paribas to stand out in new mobilities at various stages of the value chain – whether in infrastructure financing, supporting sector companies’ energy transitions, or mobility services offered to employees.

To stay at the cutting edge of banking services, particularly in payments and digital apps, BNP Paribas is availing itself of an in-house culture of innovation, as well as an Open Innovation fintech ecosystem that keeps it ahead of its competition.

Beyond Banking, extra-banking services and new distribution channels

Open Banking makes secured sharing of data with trusted third parties possible. Through Open Banking, BNP Paribas is a platform of innovation in offering its customers services that have been co-designed with fintechs. This is the first component of Beyond Banking. Technological innovations also allow BNP Paribas to offer banking services on new platforms in a “banking as a service” format.

Innovation and creativity are opening new horizons for serving our customers. Our technological lead, our guarantees of security, and our regulatory experience are unique selling propositions that allow us to retain their trust.

“Among our strategic priorities is our determination to maximise synergies between all our businesses to accelerate the roll-out of digital offerings. The efficiency with which we are conducting our digital transformation gives us a significant advantage in the highly competitive environment we work in.”

Thierry Laborde

Chief Operating Officer, Commercial, Personal Banking & Services

BNP Paribas invests in innovation !


BNP Paribas has pledged to invest 75 million euros in BNP Paribas Solar Impulse Venture.


The WAI Venture fund has raised more than 120 million euros in equity funding for innovative companies.


BNP Paribas has decided to raise its equity investments to 4 billion euros to support small and mid-sized companies in France.

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