Our commitments

In its GTS 2025 strategic plan, BNP Paribas reaffirmed its responsibility to leverage its European leadership to provide a full contribution to a more sustainable and inclusive economy. But how? By committing itself fully to generating a positive, real-world impact with all stakeholders. The Group is therefore committed to make a sustainable and inclusive contribution to the environmental, societal, technological and economic challenges of our time.

Supporting and accelerating our customers’ transitions 

Since being adopted in 2015, the Paris Agreement and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have expressed the priorities for the 21st century, with an operational approach understandable by the business world. These priorities are climate change, protection of biodiversity, social inclusion, reduction of inequalities, and territorial development. And BNP Paribas Group, like other economic actors, has a duty to foster and accelerate, along with its clients and partners, these transitions.


Developing innovative solutions that suit our customers' needs

In response to the emergence of new ways of consuming, working, moving about, saving and investing, BNP Paribas constantly adapts its offering to those products and services that best address its customers’ expectations. In concrete terms, for example, this has resulted in the emergence of new payment means and the growing integration of technologies at the service of a better human and digital experience. This also means constant attentiveness and dialogue with our ecosystem, in order to take part in useful innovation.


Acting in favour of equality and inclusion and promoting impact entrepreneurship

Attentive to and respectful of the surrounding world, BNP Paribas has committed itself to a pro-active approach to diversity, equality and inclusion. The Group is confident that collective action is one of the keys to success, particularly in terms of equal opportunities, and therefore leverages its strong local presence to engage directly with both impact entrepreneurs and most vulnerable communities.

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Measuring and monitoring our progress with key CSR indicators

In order to accelerate its low-carbon trajectory aligned with the Paris Agreement, BNP Paribas selected key CSR indicators, in connection with its membership in the Net-zero Banking Alliance (NZBA). They give a concrete overview of the transitions at work within the Group, measure the progress already made and identify levers for collective effort.  The Group has set a target for 2030 that 90% of its stock of credit exposures for energy production will be dedicated to low-carbon.