The Group

As a top-tier European and international banking establishment, the BNP Paribas Group assists all of its customers – individuals, professionals, corporates and institutionals – in bringing their projects to successful conclusion, through financing, investment, savings and protection solutions.

Our vision and our engagements 

  • Since its creation in 2000, with the merger of banks anchored in the European and global economy over two centuries, the BNP Paribas Group has been a global European leader, and an essential player in serving the economy, its customers and the world in which we live, in accordance with its company purpose.
  •  BNP Paribas aims to be a leader in sustainable finance by supporting its customers and partners in transitioning towards a low-carbon economy and society.
  •  BNP Paribas is fully invested in technology and innovation in order to continually optimise the experience of its customers and employees. It mobilises the best of technology to offer them a seamless, customised, and secure experience.
  •  BNP Paribas aims to contribute to a more inclusive society by paying special attention to financial and social inclusion. For this purpose, the Group is rolling out a wide range of initiatives to help its more vulnerable customers and works in the field with local partners as part of its corporate philanthropy initiatives.

A European leader with a global footprint

With a footprint in 63 countries and territories and 183,000 employees, BNP Paribas is positioned as the leading bank in the European Union as measured by balance sheet assets. Endowed with worldwide support capacities, the Group possesses platforms and leading business lines in Europe, as well as a strong presence in the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region.

BNP Paribas offers broad coverage through its retail activities on four euro-zone markets: France, Italy, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The Group is also deploying its integrated commercial banking model in several other countries, including Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Kosovo and and through is stake in a bank in China (Bank of Nanjing).


183,000 employees in 63 countries and regions. 58,127 employees in Europe (excluding domestic markets: France, Belgium, Italy and Luxembourg), 55,710 employees in France, 15,931 employees in Italy, 12,732 employees in Belgium, 3,552 employees in Luxembourg.  21,348 employees in Asia-Pacific, 488 employees in the Middle East, 5,661 employees in Africa, 4,263 employees in South America, 4,846 employees in North America.

Map - Numbers of employees (31/12/2023)

A powerful and distinctive model

BNP Paribas stands out for its diversified and integrated model and for its solid financial structure, allowing it to deliver a sustained performance and to continue to grow by steadily gaining market shares.

Three operating divisions  

BNP Paribas Group’s activities are based on three operating divisions linking together a set of business lines and capabilities that address the specific needs of each of its customers, including individuals, entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporate and institutional clients. The Group’s diversified and integrated model enhances cooperation between all its business lines and helps support each customer’s projects at all key stages of their lifecycle and development.

our activities & expertise

Stability and ethics are hallmarks of the Group’s strategic vision

The Board of Directors and the General Management, assisted by the Executive Committee, constitute BNP Paribas’s main governance bodies. They act together in the interests of BNP Paribas and its stakeholders by steering its long-term vision with an objective of sustainable growth.

The Code of Conduct stems from the shared conviction of the Board of Directors and the General Management that BNP Paribas’ success is rooted in the exemplary conduct of each of its employees. The Code of Conduct lays out rules of behaviour within the Group’s values and missions. It must be taken to heart by each of the Group’s business lines and employees. It guides each of their actions and each decision at all levels of the organisation.