At the BNP Paribas Group, we strive to foster supplier relations that are fair, balanced and in line with our commitments.

"BNP Paribas regards financial equity as a key component in its relationship with suppliers, particularly during a crisis such as the covid-19 pandemic. During this period, the Group has adopted a series of measures designed to preserve its suppliers and support its ecosystem. As well as adapting services to suppliers’ needs, the Group has taken a proactive approach to identifying potential difficulties vulnerable suppliers might be facing. Specific measures have been adopted to accelerate invoice validation and payment, regardless of their amount and maturity date. In this critical context, electronic invoicing will be extended to all suppliers as a solution."

Cécile Le Mercier, Head of Group Strategic Sourcing Services

Procurement is based on three key principles:

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Fairness and transparency

of supplier selection


search of the best ratio

Innovative solutions

a constant ambition

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Working together

There are two ways to become a BNP Paribas supplier:

  • accede to the preferred suppliers list for specific categories, i.e. IT Services, printers, suppliers of promotional items…,
  • or be selected during a call for tender on a specific project.

Our procedures and tools aim to ensure decisions traceability in the suppliers selection.

Sustainable Sourcing Charter

Particular attention is paid to the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy of suppliers when analyzing the offers. To find out more, take a look at the Sustainable Sourcing Charter.

Our consultations are open to sheltered workshops.

  • Pre-qualification

    Before any consultation, your company will be pre-qualified based on its financial health and economic dependency. Without discrimination, these criteria condition the development of balanced relationships.

  • Consultation

    Before the consultation starts, you will be informed of the general terms and conditions via the signature of a prior agreement.

  • Decision

    We are looking for financially strong suppliers who propose competitive solutions which contribute to BNP Paribas Group ambitions in terms of quality, innovation, and sustainable development.

  • Relationship monitoring

    Once the contract is signed, we continually look to balance relationships and encourage sharing of expertise. If needed, shared progress plans could be prepared with you.

  • Payment

    To improve invoice processing, a guide for Metropolitan France is available, detailing formats and content to adopt.

Invoicing Instructions for Suppliers

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A Buyer in BNP Paribas will work with suppliers in compliance with five requirements, of which all our employees are aware:

  1. compliance with professional norms, regulations and laws applicable to entities
  2. protection of group reputation
  3. fairness of supplier selection
  4. confidentiality in information exchanges
  5. independence from suppliers and control of conflicts of interest

“We're a dynamic and experienced team serving internal clients in the BNP Paribas Group: with our suppliers, we participate daily in improving operational performance. To do this we have a balanced and strong relationship with our suppliers.”

Frédéric R.

Chief Sourcing Officer BNP Paribas

Charter of Inter-Company Relations

We are a signatory of the Charter of Inter-Company Relations, under Inter-Company Relations Mediation in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, and have appointed an independent SME correspondent within the BNP Paribas Group:

BNP PARIBAS SME correspondent
14 rue Bergère - 75009 Paris - France

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