Our governance

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors represents all shareholders and makes decisions concerning the company’s strategic direction.

It exercises three general powers:

  1. Examining the company’s strategic choices
  2. Contributing to good governance throughout the company
  3. Monitoring and assessing all operations related to the Group’s businesses

The general management and the Executive Committee

The General Management of BNP Paribas is composed of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) plus two Chief Operating Officer (COO) and two Deputy Chief Operating Officers.

The Executive Committee brings together the General Management as well as 14 other members - Heads of core businesses and central functions. They meet at least once a week.



The main task of Compliance is to help ensure that BNP Paribas remains a trustworthy Bank, not only by complying with laws and regulations, but also by complying with the spirit of laws and regulations.


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