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The Banking jobs: Cybersecurity, a key area of expertise for securing the digital experience of our customers

Olivier Nautet
Olivier Nautet
Group Chief Information Security Officer

With the digitisation of the financial sector and more generally of all sectors, cyber risks have for several years been an indisputable reality that we need to factor into our business in order to secure the data our customers and employees. Cybersecurity is therefore a central concern in our daily work. Faced with the upsurge and sophistication of threats, within the Group’s IT and cyber sector, teams responsible for cybersecurity are tasked with protecting, detecting and reacting quickly in the event of an anomaly or risk.

Cybersecurity : a wide variety of profiles

Every day, financial players carry out financial transactions and handle a multitude of data that must be constantly monitored. In order to do this efficiently, the teams responsible for the Group’s cybersecurity have been appropriately structured. They are now made up of a very wide variety of profiles, thus pooling broad skills in the field of security, in the service of greater efficiency.

The teams are to be enlarged, but not without greater diversity. BNP Paribas is convinced that this is the way forward. In a sector traditionally known to attract more men than women, our IT and cyber sector has set itself the worldwide target of integrating 1,000 women by the end of 2024 by hiring or training Group employees. Examples of actions we are taking include the Women & Girls in Tech events, the 3rd edition of which will be held from October 11 to 15, actions by the BNP Paribas “Women in Cyber” network, or Cyber Academy reskilling training, open to employees of the Group: several initiatives are emerging to promote a broader mix and diversity in these Business lines.

Olivier Nautet, Group Chief Information Security Officer, highlights the challenges - and the advantages – of cybersecurity jobs at BNP Paribas.

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