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Four successful years for the BNP Paribas Acceleration Programmes at Station F

Active and constant sponsor of FinTechs and Insurtechs worldwide, BNP Paribas is a major player in the startup ecosystem. In its Open Innovation dynamic, it has forged partnerships with various acceleration programmes around the world. Since 2017, the Group has been present at Station F, where it operates several acceleration programmes for startups which are all included in our “Fintech and Insurtech Connection”.

"BNP Paribas PLUG and PLAY" and "TechUP by BNP Paribas"

The BNP Paribas Plug and Play acceleration programme

Leveraging in a strong relationship between Bank of the West in the US and Plug and Play, the largest accelerator platform in the world for corporates based in the Silicon Valley, BNP Paribas established in early 2017 a start-up acceleration program in Paris with a global reach.

This programme aims to contribute to the acceleration of the Group's digital transformation through the input of startups. The startups selected under this programme are mature and have a ready-to-use solution.

During three- to six-month seasons called " Batches ", this programme makes it possible to carry out a POC - a Proof of Concept - or pilot through the joint work of a Group business or function and a selected startup. Upstream of the Batch, the pre-selected startups present their solution on stage in front of the Group's businesses/functions during the Selection Day. At the end of this event a dozen startups are selected to participate in the Batch and then carry out a POC or pilot. A ‘champion’ is appointed by the business or function to manage the test run with the selected startup.

The POC is used to develop and industrialise the startup solution in order to deploy it more widely within the Group. The programme provides a framework for this POC, expertise, access to new markets within BNP Paribas and potential financing.

Results right from the start of the programme

« The development of our collaboration with startups is an integral part of our transformation process, in order to better serve our clients and build the bank of the future. Our partnership with Plug and Play is an illustration of this and we are delighted that the startups of our programme have been installed within Station F".
Jacques d'Estais, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of BNP Paribas and Head of International Financial Services.

‘We had already gone through 17 acceleration programmes with Citi, Barclays etc. We didn't want to do that anymore. In general, the programmes have no dedicated liaison, interlocutors change frequently. This is not the case with the BNP Paribas Plug And Play acceleration programme and the " champion " model. This champion allocation system works very well."
Guy STIEBEL, CPO - Scanovate, Batch 2 startup (2017).

‘It is always a challenge to join a startup acceleration programme: The pace, tools and new processes to be integrated locally. But at BNP Paribas Plug And Play's Batch 2020 it was all very simple. We were very well guided by the BNP Paribas Plug And Play team and inspirational mentors throughout the programme, from storytelling practice to pitch preparation, while delivering the POC within the framework we had defined,"

Roberta AVANZINI, Head of Research and Development, Batch 2020 Champion, Cardif Italy.

Station F : the place to be in the French startup ecosystem

Station F is the largest startup campus in the world, with over 30 programmes, 30 public administrations, 40 investment funds, 4 mentoring offices and 600 events per year. Station F offers the best conditions for entrepreneurs to develop and grow their startup, accompanied by creative emulation due to the presence of other startups on the ground.

As part of its open innovation and cooperation strategy with startups, BNP Paribas is the only financial group to represent the Fintech and Insurtech sector at Station F. The Group offers two acceleration programmes: the BNP Paribas Plug and Play Acceleration Programme and the TechUP Acceleration Programme by BNP Paribas. In addition, a banking offer, WAI Banking, is made available to Station F entrepreneurs.

BNP Paribas Plug and Play, accelerates Fintechs at Station F.

TechUP acceleration programme by BNP Paribas

This programme, which is managed directly by BNP Paribas, provides accommodation and support for 6 months at Station F. It is designed for early stage startups in the FinTechs and Insurtechs sector. Its purpose is to detect future trends in the financial industry and to link these startups with the various businesses and functions of the BNP Paribas Group.

The offer provides access to the site's ecosystem. Lastly, the programme provides a connection with the BNP Paribas business lines and the Group's extensive ecosystem.

TechUp startups in 2020 are Acqer, Finense, Greenly, Get Smarto, Rosaly and Sarus.

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