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2021: hopes and challenges

2021 is a year of hope with the arrival of vaccines. Health-related and economic uncertainty should ease significantly, and better visibility will help boost consumer and business confidence and thus drive economic growth. It is also a year of hope for the climate thanks to European initiatives and the prospect of a change of policy direction in the US. But these hopes bring challenges. How will we manage government debt? How might financial markets react if growth surprises on the upside?

2021 : hopes and challenges

With the economists of the BNP Paribas Economic Research Department: William de Vijlder, Jean-Luc Proutat, Hélène Baudchon, Louis Boisset, Guillaume Derrien, Hubert de Barochez, François Faure,Christine Peltier, Stéphane Colliac, Salim Hammad and Raymond Van Der Putten.

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Photo: ©Jacob Lund

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