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Perspectives: a new publication on the current, major issues in sustainable finance

The COP26, sustainable mobility, hydrogen, carbon capture, green bonds, EU Green Taxonomy: the shifting landscape of sustainable finance can at times be a difficult world to understand and to explain. To help navigate these issues, BNP Paribas has created a new publication for its clients, Perspectives. In just eight pages, this new publication brings together numerous experts from within and outside the Group and to share their view on the key topics of the moment for sustainable finance.

To learn more, we spoke with Wilfried Remans, Head of Sustainability Network, BNP Paribas, who launched this first issue together with the new group-wide network of experts in sustainability transitions...

You have launched the quarterly Perspectives in order to help navigate the most recent issues in sustainable finance. Who is the audience for this publication and what are you hoping to achieve with it?

With Perspectives, we want to allow our commercial teams throughout the Group to reach out to their customers and provide, quarterly, a natural touchpoint to open the dialogue on the opportunities of Sustainability. No glossy magazine, no page-long articles, but the key messages as experienced by experts both within the Group and outside BNP Paribas on key environmental and societal topics, such as the energy transition, biodiversity, social inclusion and the circular economy. We give a voice to these experts so they can communicate on these pertinent subjects, and at the same time, provide our own teams with the latest insights.

How will this publication encourage our clients and stakeholders to get more involved with the Group’s work in sustainable finance? 

The Covid crisis and the COP26 have increased awareness on the vulnerabilities of our economies and societies. The expectations and commitments for real action are underlined by regulatory, scientific, technological and other developments. An expert understanding of what is happening and how BNP Paribas can contribute to our clients’ transition, will be key for the decades to come. A closer relationship with our experts and sustainability expertise will allow our stakeholders – and our clients in particular – not only to understand the sustainability track record of the Bank, but also discover the tangible solutions we have available to accelerate their transition.

An understanding of  how  BNP Paribas can contribute to our clients’ transition will be key for the decades to come.

“Perspectives presents the viewpoints of experts from BNP Paribas as well as several leading figures from civil society…Climate, biodiversity, social inclusion, circular economy…every next quarter, an edition of Perspectives will give the floor to our experts on an important ESG theme related to the future of the economy.” 

Antoine Sire, Head of Company Engagement

What will you find in the first issue of Perspectives?

The first issue of Perspectives covers a wide range of topics. Among the first experts, you will find:

  • Anne Marie Verstraten, UK Country Head at BNP Paribas, on the COP26
  • Jane Ambachtsheer, BNP Paribas Sustainability Executive at BNP Paribas Asset Management on meaningful investments
  • Séverine Matéo, Head of Low-Carbon Transition Group, on accelerating the transition of companies
  • Imène Ben Rejeb-Mzah, Head of Group CSR methodologies and data at BNP Paribas, on banks and net zero strategies
  • Laura Wirsztel-Antonmattei, Investment Director, Ecological Transition Capital at BNP Paribas, on clean technologies

And many more! 

Download the first issue and share our experts’ Perspectives on sustainability with your clients and network!

See the first issue of Perspectives

Perspectives is also available in Dutch, French, Italian, German and Polish 

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