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My French Film Festival: the first digital film festival dedicated to French-language cinema

From 15 January to 15 February 2021, discover the 11th edition of MyFrenchFilmFestival, the festival that celebrates the accomplishments of young French-language film-makers. For a whole month, the Festival offers film lovers from across the world the opportunity to share their love of French cinema by discovering more than 30 previously unreleased films, accessible on MyFrenchFilmFestival.com and on more than 60 partner platforms. BNP Paribas, a partner of the cinema for over 100 years, supports this digital event dedicated to the creation and distribution of French-language cinema around the globe.

MyFrenchFilmFestival: enjoy the creativity of young makers of films in French, from your own home  

Created in 2011 by UniFrance, which supports and promotes the influence of French cinema worldwide, every year, MyFrenchFilmFestival invites you to discover the best of contemporary cinema in French, through an innovative concept based on the new modes of film consumption (VOD, multi-screen, etc.). 

This year, for its 11th edition, the Festival presents more than 30 previously unseen films (features and shorts) subtitled in 10 languages, fully accessible online on the MyFrenchFilmFestival.com platform and on more than 60 partner VOD platforms around the world.

The 2021 selection includes comedies, romances, dramas, documentaries, animation, classics, virtual reality and films for young audiences, all of which reflect the diversity and vitality of French-language cinema!

Internet users from all over the world are invited to rate all the films presented in the selection and to vote for their favourite films on the MyFrenchFilmFestival.com platform. At the end of the festival, 5 prizes will be awarded: the Grand Jury Prize, the International Press Awards and the Audience Awards. The 5 winners of the 2021 edition will be announced on 16 February 2021.

Short films are available free of charge worldwide and feature films are available individually for €1.99 or €7.99 per pack. The Festival is entirely free of charge in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Poland, Romania and Russia/CIS.

In 2020, MyFrenchFilmFestival recorded more than 12 million views across more than 200 countries and a digital community of nearly 390,000 fans on Facebook, offering a special Stay Home edition during the Spring lock-down.

Reaching out to the younger generation and winning over tomorrow's film lovers.

Watch the Festival teaser

The 2021 selection 


Between January 15 and February 15, discover the best of new generation French-language cinema all around the world!


BNP Paribas official partner of MyFrenchFilmFestival

BNP Paribas, a passionate partner of the film industry for over 100 years, continues to support the film industry more than ever. A long-standing partner of UniFrance, we are proud to be an official partner of MyFrenchFilmFestival. 

This digital event, dedicated to the promotion of French cinema around the world, celebrates the achievements young film-makers through an innovative concept based on the new film consumption modes and enables as many people as possible to explore the wealth of contemporary French cinema.

Photo credit: ©Photographee.eu

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