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At the Movin’On Summit, BNP Paribas co-constructs tomorrow’s mobility solutions

On the occasion of the Movin’On international sustainable mobility summit, which took place from June 1 to 4, BNP Paribas, a world leader in sustainable finance, reviews its commitment and involvement in this unique movement, which is currently the world’s leading ecosystem for sustainable co-innovation.

BNP Paribas, partner of the summit and leading player in the Movin’On ecosystem

The Movin’On Summit took place in a hybrid format, between Montreal, Paris and Singapore. It brought together more than 250 innovation players (companies, governments, cities, universities, institutions, experts, think tanks, startups, designers, and more) and 4,000 participants. The Movin’On ecosystem is both a think tank and a “do tank”, operating on the basis of synergies that lead to concrete products and services. The BNP Paribas Group has been a partner for five years.

During this year’s opening session, Michelin CEO Florent Menegaux announced that the ecosystem’s governance would no longer be managed solely by Michelin, but would be shared by a board of 10 CEOs, including Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, CEO of BNP Paribas. The latter also announced the importance of the Group’s new commitment to Movin’On, stressing the need to co-construct solutions to meet the mobility challenges of tomorrow. 

The Group also took the opportunity afforded by this summit to demonstrate its cross-functional expertise by focusing on three main themes: the role of hydrogen in the ecological transition, energy efficiency and corporate mobility.

“ It is in the Group’s DNA to listen to all its clients and partners, to support them in their strategic projects and to co-invent solutions with them that enable us to have an impact.”

 Jean-Laurent Bonnafé

CEO of BNP Paribas

Hydrogen to decarbonise the heavy-duty mobility sector 

The Group led a working session on hydrogen and solutions to promote its large-scale deployment, underlining the need and genuine opportunity to adapt existing and future infrastructures to this new energy source. On this topic, working sessions were organized alongside ENGIE, a key energy supplier, with whom the Group is actively working to develop a green hydrogen industry in France.

Efficiency, transparency and energy intelligence     

Energy efficiency is one of the key challenges for reaching carbon neutrality. To meet this challenge, BNP Paribas has tackled these issues alongside other companies in the Movin’On Lab, with the aim of creating a virtuous circle: reducing energy consumption and waste, generating financial savings, and subsequently reinvesting these savings into the energy transition

Constance Chalchat, Head of Company Engagement at BNP Paribas CIB, presented the progress made by these stakeholders, while underlining the importance of adopting solutions like those certified by Solar Impulse, alongside Bertrand Piccard, ENGIE and the European Investment Bank 

> Discover some of those solutions in this video.

Green mobility plans that benefit companies, employees and the planet 

The deployment of sustainable mobility within companies is a key theme for Arval, BNP Paribas' vehicle leasing and responsible mobility solutions company, which is now the European leader in the long-term leasing of professional vehicles. Arval’s experts showed how it is both possible and beneficial for companies to implement sustainable mobility plans. The key is to improve corporate culture and attractiveness, which encourages employees to develop their skills.

360° expertise in sustainable development and mobility 

Among the 100 world-renowned guest speakers, many experts from the BNP Paribas Group took the floor, representing the various business lines, divisions and departments within the Group: Company Engagement, Arval, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions and BNP Paribas CIB. Their contributions took various forms, including speeches, conferences, working sessions and masterclasses. 

Ability to act across many sectors  

As a bank and investor, BNP Paribas has multi-sector expertise that enables it to act on several fronts, serving as an innovation catalyst for its many and varied clients and partners. In the field of mobility, this means supporting all forms of transition to more sustainable energy and mobility, everywhere around the world. 

In Chile, for example, the Group has worked alongside local authorities to promote the deployment of more than 400 electric buses in the capital of Santiago. In Sweden, it has provided significant financial support to Northvolt, a promising start-up that designs batteries for electric vehicles. In Belgium, alongside ENGIE, Arval has launched Numobi, a unique service that aims to promote electric vehicles among professionals and individuals. As Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, CEO of BNP Paribas, recalled during the opening session of the summit: “It is in the Group’s DNA to listen to all its clients and partners, to support them in their strategic projects and to co-invent solutions with them that enable us to have an impact.”

Creating communities of interest    

At the same time, BNP Paribas is participating in the creation of coalitions of companies that are committed and determined to make a difference. Isabelle Loc, CEO of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, reminded the audience of the Group’s ambition to leverage collective intelligence, such as the community of interest created through BNP Paribas 3 Step IT. This subsidiary of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions works to facilitate the reuse of electronic equipment within a community of interest that brings together 12 major companies. 

> To learn more, watch the video presentation by Isabelle Loc available here.

These communities of interest are developed within the framework of the Movin’On Lab and enable companies to come together around a key issue in order to identify the associated challenges together and co-construct solutions. BNP Paribas is leading two other communities of interest, one on energy efficiency and the other on European taxonomy.

Acting together to go further

In the same spirit, Antoine Sire, Head of Company Engagement at BNP Paribas, and Bertrand Piccard, explorer and creator of the Solar Impulse Foundation, spoke at the event about the launch of a new investment fund dedicated to startups specialised in green tech: the BNP Paribas Solar Impulse Venture Fund. This cross-functional vision and ability to bring people together explains BNP Paribas’ involvement in the Movin’On ecosystem, a true hub of eco-innovation, where the large-scale deployment of promising solutions is organised collectively. By playing an increasingly important role each year, BNP Paribas is asserting itself more than ever as the bank for a world that is changing... at full speed.
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