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Asset Management - Investment - MAQS Portfolio Manager

Last update 21.02.2024


The MAQS China team is part of the Global Multi-Assets Quantitative Solution team that is providing comprehensive services to institutional clients and distribution channels globally including, but not strictly limited to, multi-asset portfolio solution design and implementation, quantitative investment, overlay management, structuring of complex products and asset allocation advice. The broader team is consisting out of experts on Quantitative & Index Investment, Structured Management, Insurance and Pensions, and Portfolio Construction. For our China based team we are looking for a Portfolio Manager that could help to grow the MAQS business in China.

The Portfolio Manager will conduct research, implement investment strategies and manage portfolios, involving complex cross asset/factor investing and derivative structures in order to construct new investment solutions. An important part of the role is identifying market opportunities to create new solutions resulting from regulatory changes or structural dislocations in financial markets. 


  • Manage institutional mandates and funds for China clients. Understand local clients' specific objectives and constraints, and select appropriate investment framework and instruments, ensure the implementation meets with compliance requirements, consistent with team’s investment views and ensure smooth operations of portfolios.
  • Perform reporting, attribution analysis and risk decomposition to explain the characteristics of the portfolio, Present analysis and investment views towards external and internal clients.
  • Design and construct investment solutions in line with client requirements across asset classes and in different distribution formats, implement and manage these solutions
  • Generate ideas and new thoughts to improve existing products and solutions
  • Work closely with the Quantitative Research Group and the Portfolio Design Team for models development, idea generation, innovation, new investment techniques and thought leadership
  • Participates in marketing and client events, industry conferences, media contacts, written research, etc. 


  • Internal: Sales Team, Trading Team, MAQS teams in Hong Kong, Quant Research Group in Hong Kong
  • External: Institutional Clients and Distribution Channels



  • 5+ years of experience conducting investment management / quantitative research activities,
  • Demonstrable experience of quantitative research and investment, and structuring funds/products. Good understanding of various types of quantitative investment and structured solutions such as cross-asset solutions, Factor Investing/ Risk Premia solutions, derivateives, structured notes, etc. in China (and preferrable outside of China), perferably with machine learning investment experience
  • Quantitative academic (MA) background preferably complemeted with CFA
  • Experience in building and implementing quantitative investment, portfolio construction processes and tools
  • SAC and AMAC qualified
  • Not currently being banned from entry into securities market
  • Of sound character and good professional ethics
  • Proficient Mandarin and English language skills essential.
  • Have not been banned from entry into securities market
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