2025 Strategic plan

BNP Paribas is launching its 2025 strategic plan with the ambition to consolidate its European leadership to accelerate our clients' transition to a sustainable economy.

Together with the publication of the first quarter 2022 results, the Group has also published a presentation to detail projects and initiatives related to the “Technology” and “Sustainability” pillars.

These presentations are available on the website dedicated to the investors.

A continuous development at the service of clients and society

Built on the success of its 2017-2020 plan, and on the essential support it provided to the economy during the health crisis, the Group is continuing its development at the service of its clients, the economy and society.

  • 2017-2020

    Heavy investments to develop a solid, useful and profitable business model:

    ·  Strong market share gain, particularly for European corporate clients.
    ·  Accelerated digitalisation to enhance the client experience.
    ·  A pioneer in sustainable finance.

  • 2020-2021

    Unequalled mobilisation to support our clients and to re-boost the economy:
    ·  Leading bank in support of companies and institutions in Europe with over €500bn steered towards syndicated loans, bonds and shares (EMEA).
    ·  Signifiant tax contribution in line with the place BNP Paribas holds in the economy, with €12.2bn of taxes paid over the last two years, of which €5.3bn in France.

  • 2022-2025

    Built on solid foundations and the engagement of its employees, the Group is launching an ambitious strategic plan:
    ·  To accompany all of its clients in their new uses of banking and financial services, and in their development projects.
    ·  To direct financial flows towards necessary investments in the transition to a more sustainable economy.

Strong ambitions

  • GROWTH: Continue to develop profitable growth by leveraging the Group's leading positions in Europe.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Technology for optimised client/employee experiences and operating efficiency..
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Accelerated mobilisation of the Group's businesses on sustainable finance issues.

Fueled by a powerful model and built on three pillars

With its leading platforms in Europe built across businesses, strategically aligned to best serve clients and partners, with the full benefit of our integrated and transformed operating model, BNP Paribas is building on three pillars:

  1. Technology and industrialisation at the heart of our model
  2. Deployment of sustainable finance and ESG at scale

  3. Development of employees' potential and engagement

In order to foster organic growth, gain market shares, develop new opportunities and generate economies of scale.

Through its solid positioning, BNP Paribas intends, with its 2025 GTS plan, to accelerate its dynamic transformation and strengthen its position, so as to pursue growth and start a new, ambitious chapter in its development in order to: consolidate the Group's European leadership, to accelerate its clients' transition to a sustainable economy.

Infography of BNP Paribas' GTS strategic plan

GTS 2025 plan documentation

“Thanks to the talent of our teams, technological innovation and the financial strength of our Group, we are accelerating our transformation and reinforcing our leadership in Europe to serve our clients. With this 2025 ambition, which responds even better to new expectations and amplifies our positive impact on society, we can achieve a collective transition towards a new, sustainable economic model.”

Jean-Laurent Bonnafé

Director and Chief Executive Officer of BNP Paribas

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