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Why choose BNP Paribas?

Our world is changing and so are the ways we receive information, consume and even work. Today, people want more than just a job. They are looking to enjoy real experiences, learn new skills, share objectives as well as results with their colleagues, all the while expressing their creativity. In short, they want to blaze their own trail in a unique, responsible and sustainable way. At BNP Paribas, we recruit new employees with the understanding that they will help us to design tomorrow’s world and the bank of the future. Discover our employee value proposition.

A vast and diverse range of opportunities

Our jobs allow our employees to experience a diversity of responsibilities, without limiting themselves to a single position, country or office. For us, those are the ingredients of a dynamic, interesting and diversified career.

Mobility for everyone, at anytime.

By operating in 72 countries and relying on 202,624 employees from 164 different nationalities, we can offer many different opportunities throughout a full range of banking services. Over half of our employees move on to new positions almost every three years!

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*Dec. 2018

A learning company

When you join our team, you will see that we do not just train our employees to tackle their day-to-day responsibilities. We empower them to acquire new skills and qualifications through a wide range of learning tools. Our ambition is clear: offering all of our employees a variety of experiences, while assisting in their progress and advancement throughout their career.

Learning each day, off the beaten path.

We are also driven by a desire to instill new skills and inspire new ambitions among each of our employees. Our goal is to see the next generation of Group leaders take root and bloom.

Training at BNP Paribas


employees benefitted from at least one training program


 e-learning modules in seven languages


training centers in France, Italy, Turkey and Singapore

Responsibility and ethics

Banks have a responsibility to institute ethical practices in financing and developing the economy and society. BNP Paribas is particularly active in this area.

Count on us like we count on you

We root out stereotypes and avoid preconceptions in our recruiting process to make sure we hire the right candidates with the appropriate skills and brightest potential. We therefore take particular care in writing our job offers, establishing our criteria for selecting CVs and conducting our job interviews. All of these key steps are detailed within a standard procedure, while BNP Paribas is committed to respecting and promoting non-discrimination with respect to every category defined by law (origin, sex, customs, sexual orientation, age, marital status, genetic characteristics, presumed or actual ethnicity, nationality, race, political opinions, trade union membership, religious beliefs, physical appearance, family name, health, disability, pregnancy, gender identity, place of residence).

In addition to this commitment, we strongly believe in promoting diversity among our staff, as it is one of the keys to our Group’s success.

Good place to work

Valuing people”: that is the principle that drives us forward and characterizes our vision of responsible employment. We work hard to offer all of our employees a day-to-day working environment that is stimulating, appealing and features an atmosphere of respect and team spirit.

Live well and work well

To put this key principle into action, we have:

That is our idea of providing a good place to work, within a working environment that’s constantly evolving.

Rewarding performance and results

Compensating employees fairly and sharing the Group’s results is the simple rule that we have set for our company.

Get back from us as much as we get from you

While we believe that teamwork is essential, we also reward individual performance. We strive to help all of our employees build the right career path that matches their goals and results.

Expertise for customer satisfaction

From managing individual savings to providing financial services to businesses and institutions, we take the time to help each client reach their goals and develop their projects.

Fostering local connections with our clients

We also guide our clients through the changes impacting them. Our client service has been recognized and rewarded in several sectors and countries, and we are proud to say that even our top managers still manage client portfolios.

An agile and open organization

The openness, agility, innovation and sharing that we encounter today are indicators of the acceleration we have experienced over the past few years, especially when it comes to digital technology. Agility and openness represent two of the four development levers outlined in the BNP Paribas Way, which establishes our corporate culture, values and shared vision. At BNP Paribas, we develop our relationships with our clients, and with all of our stakeholders, by using digital tools to accelerate decision-making and improve teamwork. In upcoming years, our agenda includes new online and contactless payment solutions, innovative client services on mobile and more. Not to mention our various programs to support and aid startups, especially in the field of Fintechs, both in France and worldwide.

Good ideas are worth sharing

And to make sure we can adapt to the constant development of new use cases, we organize a number of hackathons every year. These are much more than periodic tech events where entrepreneurs and candidates share their endless supply of ideas. We see these hackathons as a highly effective working mode, enabling us to reaffirm our steadfast focus on innovation.

These meetings also serve as springboards to showcase innovative digital products and services that will enhance client experience in banking, consumer credit and insurance.

Join a global leader

Our company represents 202,624 employees working in more than 72 countries. In every country, whether we are a leading player or still developing our operations, our teams apply our agile, open, innovative and responsible approach to design the banking experience of the future. Our goal is to capitalize on our advantages to remain a leader over the long term.

Leading together

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