What if we told you that working in BNP Paribas isn’t quite what you might think? That with us, we don’t have just one job, but a multitude of job options, from customer relationship management to digital transformation, big data and actuarial expertise... Things are changing, the world is changing, and so is BNP Paribas. Our jobs and business activities are constantly evolving as we adapt to new societal and environmental challenges. Behind the BNP Paribas Group stand 193,000 dedicated employees who help our clients with their everyday plans, thus being at the very heart of the major transformational changes now underway in society. Find out what these jobs actually mean by discovering our #UnexpectedJobs !

Our #UnexpectedJobs on LinkedIn

Traditional Chinese Doctor

I am a COO, Chief Operating Officer. Looks unclear and boring right? The #UnexpectedJobs campaign...

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Alchemist of Human Talent

There’s something magical about the moment a colleague discovers a hidden talent or a new interest. As Alchemist... 

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Guide in the financial galaxy

If I say that I’m an Advisor Bank Insurance at distance @BNPParibasFortis, it probably doesn’t ring a bell...

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Sustainability Policeman

In the RISK ESG team my role is to work on our Net-Zero emissions targets. I make sure ...

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Trust Builder

BNP Paribas launches its #UnexpectedJobs global campaign, inviting all staff to change their headline on...

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Obi-Wan Kenobi of Fleet Electrification

Today, BNP Paribas employees across the world are invited to...

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