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Sales and client relations

Working in Sales and Client Relations at BNP Paribas is all about helping clients on a daily basis, and supporting them at important times in their personal and professional lives.

What does a career in sales and client services offer?   

What will a role in sales and client relations entail? You will become a trusted long-term partner for our clients, delivering high levels of security, good quality service and responsiveness.

You will provide day-to-day client support to help in the use of our products and services, as well as providing advice on your clients’ personal or business plans, offering effective solutions tailored to their individual needs.  

You could be working remotely or on site as a local Banking Advisor, Asset Manager, Business or Client Advisor... You could equally be an Account Manager, Sales Engineer or in one of many other roles! 

At BNP Paribas, Sales and Client relations means:  

Key figures


Sales and Client Relations specialists in the Group worldwide.

63 M

Clients: individuals, business, SMEs, corporates, public sector, etc. worldwide.

Why should you choose BNP Paribas for your career in Sales and Client relations? 

  • For the diversity of fields where you can develop your expertise (banking, real estate, leasing, insurance, consumer financing, etc.) 
  • For the wide range of products and services: from first contact to advising on technical and structured solutions
  • For the diversity of clients - individuals, business, SMEs, corporates, public sector, etc. – as well as the ways in which we interact with them, both online or in person at branches in some locations 

What careeer development prospects do these roles offer? 

Joining our Sales Development and Client Relations teams at BNP Paribas is a great opportunity to: 

  • Join a community in which you can build your own internal network 
  • Participate in recognised trainings to further develop and build on your skills across our business sectors in most geographies in which we operate
  • Be part of a Group that offers dynamic career development options in your chosen field 
Regardless of your career to date, qualifications or experience, if you’re someone who enjoys personal interactions, providing sound advice and learning new things, we have an opportunity for you. 

Our Sales and Client Relations jobs

"I assist clients on a daily basis and respond to their requests when their advisor is unavailable - and that applies to every client from every BNP Paribas branch in France, whether they are working with client services, investments specialists or the Branch Manager."


Online Financial Advisor at BNP Paribas

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