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Being an actuary is the perfect opportunity to put your expertise in applied maths or statistics to work on informing the major strategic decisions of the Group, while enjoying the benefits of a richly diverse and multidisciplinary employee experience.

What do actuaries do at BNP Paribas?

Being an actuary involves calculating and identifying the risks posed by a given situation, as well as identifying, modelling and managing the potential financial consequences of those risks as the basis for building models that benefit the company and its clients. Pricing a new product would be a good example.

Most actuaries work in insurance companies like BNP Paribas Cardif.

Within the BNP Paribas Group, this area of expertise is also applied to corporate finance, risk management and human resources.


actuaries are employed by the Group worldwide.

Why should you choose BNP Paribas for a career as an Actuary?

  • For the diversity of ways in which you can apply your professional skills: from insurance to finance and HR consulting and compensation

  • For the rich diversity of interactions with many internal and external stakeholders, including reinsurers, brokers and retail partners

  • For international experience: this global profession offers a wealth of opportunities for collaborative working
  • For the opportunity to make a real impact by working closely with decision-makers.

What career progression opportunities can you expect as an Actuary?

Joining our actuarial teams at BNP Paribas is a great opportunity to:

  • Engage in continuous learning around issues such as: Enterprise risk management, professional certification (Certificat d’Expertise Actuarielle), analytics, etc.

  • Join upskilling programmes in Data Science and Product Management, for example

  • Take advantage of many opportunities for internal mobility and career movements

  • Join an international community offering career development opportunities in more than 30 countries of Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Regardless of your level of experience, we have opportunities for all trained actuaries!

Our Actuarial vacancies

"The international network that I found at BNP Paribas Cardif was an amazing surprise. From the very moment I started working in Chile, I realised that mobility opportunities were there, I just had to grab them."

Alejandro Buconic

Head of Actuary, BNP Paribas Cardif Mexico

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