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Consulting and Transformation

From Group strategic missions to structural projects, explore the opportunities in Consulting and Transformation roles within BNP Paribas.

What does a career in Consulting and Transformation offer?  

The global BNP Paribas network of internal Consulting and Transformation support teams work either for specific entities or in central roles. As experts in problem solving and change management, these teams give us an in-house alternative to using consulting firms for matters of strategy and organisation. 

On a day-to-day basis, their involvement covers the full spectrum, from scoping to implementation, of assignments such as:  

  • The strategic redesign of business and operating models
  • Organisational optimisation, efficiency gains, process optimisation and industrialisation, as well as transformation programme scoping and leadership. 

employees in the network worldwide.

Career options include: Strategy, Organisation and Transformation Consultant, Agile Coach, etc. 

Why should you choose a BNP Paribas career in Consulting and Transformation? 

  • For international opportunities and to take leadership responsibility for assignments and projects
  • To make a direct contribution to the Group’s strategy
  • To join a community of experts 

What career development prospects do these roles offer?

Joining the Consulting and Transformation experts at BNP Paribas is a great opportunity to: 

  • Receive ongoing training in market- best practices and methodologies for consulting and project management, including the opportunity to gain new qualifications
  • Accelerate your career by working with Group-level decision makers
  • Access opportunities within your chosen profession, with particular focus on international options.
If you enjoy working in strategic and operational consulting roles, we have opportunities for you! 

Consulting and Transformation vacancies

“Whenever a BNP Paribas team or entity launches a project designed to transform an organisational structure, processes, management or working methods, I provide the coordination and support to ensure that the project is delivered efficiently and on time”. 


Transformation Project Consultant at BNP Paribas 

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