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Working in Procurement, Marketing or Human Resources means making a useful contribution to the smooth-running of the Group and contributing to its wider reputation. Having so many specialist areas of expertise mean more opportunities to discover new things.

Careers in Procurement at BNP Paribas

  • Who are we looking for? Are you an organised and meticulous person with well-developed analytical and negotiation skills? Then procurement is definitely made for you!
  • What will your responsibilities be? You’ll contribute to our supplier selection and management strategy with the ultimate aim of maximising quality, optimising costs and ensuring social responsibility of our suppliers (fair practices, diversity, environmental and social commitments, working conditions of their employees, etc.) as an integral part of protecting our clients and the Group.
  • What kind of roles are available? Global Lead Buyer IT Services, Global Lead Buyer, Legal and HR, Supplier Relations Manager, Business Analyst, Strategic Analyst... and many more!

Our Procurement vacancies

Careers in Marketing and Communications at BNP Paribas

  • Who are we looking for?  Are you a team player with strong communication skills and adaptability? Do you enjoy engaging with different stakeholders? Are you creative? Do you enjoy communicating both in writing and verbally? Then you should consider a career in marketing and communications!
  • What will your responsibilities be? Whatever your job and specialty, you will be responsible for building BNP Paribas' brand image and influence by communicating the bank’s key attributes and what makes us stand out through a variety of channels from media relations, events to social media and digital tools.
  • What kind of roles are available? Customer Experience Manager, E-commerce Project Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Researcher, Communications Manager, Content Manager, Internal Communications Product Manager, etc.

Our Marketing and Communications vacancies

Careers in Human Resources at BNP Paribas

  • Who are we looking for? Are you a good listener, adaptable and empathetic? Do you enjoy communicating writing and verbally? Then a career in Human Resources could be for you!
  • What will your responsibilities be? To identify the talents who will join us, help them to work to the best of their ability by fostering a stress-free environment, and support their ongoing professional development. You’ll also be responsible for ensuring that our rules on fairness and respect for diversity are consistently applied for universal compliance.
  • What kind of roles are available? Recruitment Officer, Skills Development Manager, Salaries Manager, Wellbeing Project Manager, etc. Health and wellness roles in Occupational Health services such as a Nurse, Doctor, Social Worker, etc also exist is some geographical locations.

Our Human Resources vacancies

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