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Operations management

Those who work in Operations Management roles are essential to the smooth-running of our Group, and work consistently to deliver satisfaction to our clients and teams. These roles offer stimulating careers that combine efficiency with a strong collaborative spirit.

What does a career with operations management offer?

These careers span all the activities and tasks involved in handling operational requests and are part of our core business. This could include online bank payments or managing your card limits, but that merely scratches the surface and there is so much more to operations management. You’ll find middle and back-office functions in most of our entities: sales, marketing, HR, finance, business development, client services, etc. 


employees in the Group worldwide.

Roles include Production and Sales Support Manager, Middle Office Operations Manager, Claims Manager, Salary Manager, Manufacturing Equipment Technical Supervisor, etc.

Why should you choose BNP Paribas for a career in Operations Management?

  • To be part of close-knit teams

  • To build an expertise-based career essential to the smooth-running of the business

  • For the opportunity to work internationally in some roles

  • For the possibility to develop valuable skills: teamwork, attention to detail and strong organisational skills

What career development prospects do these roles offer?

Joining our Operations Management teams at BNP Paribas is a great opportunity to:

  • Access training programmes as part of your induction to build a deep understanding and proficiency of the processes and systems
  • Progress quickly in your career towards management positions
  • Interact with many different internal professionals in different areas of expertise (sales teams, administrative management, etc.) as you build a substantial network of contacts!
Are you known for your attention to detail and client focus? Then we have opportunities for you!

Operations Management job offers

"As manager of a team of 15 Corporate Analysts, my area of expertise is Cash Management, which means that we have responsibility for monitoring and managing the cash flows of our corporate clients."


Cash Management Team Manager at BNP Paribas

Photo © Jeff Bergen