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Corporate finance

Corporate Finance includes all BNP Paribas internal financial management roles, which are essential for maintaining the Group’s strength and leadership in its markets.

Which roles are included in Corporate Finance ?

The ultimate goal of all those who work in Corporate Finance is to effectively manage the funding and investment methods used by the Group to ensure its continued sound financial management. Working directly with top management, these teams have an influential impact on the future of BNP Paribas, its organisational structure and the launch of strategic projects.

Roles include Management Controller, Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, etc.

Key figures for BNP Paribas Corporate Finance :


employees in the Group worldwide.

€4.62 billion

Gross revenues of the Group worldwide in 2021.

€29.6 billion

Total operating costs for the Group worldwide in 2021.

Why should you choose BNP Paribas for your career in Corporte Finance ? 

  • For the wide range of duties that this function offers: Group-level financial management, reporting and consolidation, financial controls, etc. across a large number of divisions, business lines and countries
  • For the variety of partners you will work with on a daily basis, often at high levels of responsibility.

  • For the diversity of operational, managerial, international and multidisciplinary projects you will work on.

What career development prospects do these roles offer?

Joining our corporate finance teams at BNP Paribas is a great opportunity to:

  • Assume responsibilities early on, from large-scale projects to management positions

  • Take regular advantage of new training courses (on the latest legal and regulatory obligations, as well as the special features of your chosen profession) and the Finance Faculty, which offers a broad range of financial training programmes

  • Quickly build an extensive internal network in a professional role where collaborative working is the norm

  • Take advantage of the many internal mobility opportunities available within the Group, including during our dedicated annual mobility event.

Regardless of your career to date or level of experience, if you are qualified in a Finance discipline or already work in Corporate Finance, we have opportunities for you.

Our Corporate Finance vacancies

“I consolidate all the Management performance control indicators for the Leasing Solutions accounting scope on behalf of BNP Paribas”.


Management Control Sector Manager at BNP Paribas

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