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Audit, Compliance, Risk and Legal

If it is your ambition to work in a profession that entrusts you with a high degree of responsibility and gives you the chance to contribute to strategic decision-making at BNP Paribas, the following roles might be ideal for you to consider.

What does a career in Audit, Compliance, Risk and Legal offer? 

The financial industry regulatory landscape is constantly changing, and we must achieve 100% compliance at all times! 

Audit, Compliance, Risk and Legal are four independent, but complementary, areas of expertise: 

  1. Risk roles support the Group’s long-term business development. Our specialists analyse, produce forecasts and make recommendations on a broad range of issues, including credit and counterparty risk, market risk, financing and liquidity risk, and operational, environmental and social risk.
  2. Compliance roles are central to BNP Paribas’ strategic risk management. Operating in an environment where regulatory, geopolitical and societal changes are becoming increasingly frequent and complex. The work undertaken by our compliance specialists contributes to protecting the ongoing security of the Group by ensuring that we comply fully with all regulations in any part of our business.
  3. Audit (Inspection Générale) roles audit all BNP Paribas entities to assess every aspect of their governance, risk management and internal control framework. Whether generalists or specialists (in IT, financial markets, etc.). Our experts carry out around 1,000 assignments in some 60 countries every year.
  4. Legal roles represent a wide range of skills required to support the ongoing development of BNP Paribas, while also ensuring that legal risks are appropriately controlled, the business activities and employees of BNP Paribas are legally secure, and that the appropriate checks and balances are in place. 

employees in the Group worldwide.


  • To contribute as an advisor on a broad range of strategic issues, including fraud, corruption, regulatory compliance, brand or image risk, financial security and many others!
  • To ensure that the bank’s activities are carried out according to the highest levels of integrity in order to safeguard the interests of our clients. 
  • If you aspire to take on greater responsibility by providing input for decisions of strategic importance to the Group.
  • To develop your career through a diversity of professional opportunities, from Auditor to Legal Officer, Risk Analyst, Compliance Officer and many other roles...
  • To benefit from the strong international dimension of these careers within the Group and become part of a strong, close-knit  community. 


Working in Audit, Compliance, Risk or Legal at BNP Paribas opens the door to: 

  • Quickly building a broad network of professional contacts based on a 360° vision of the Group and working collaboratively with BNP Paribas business lines on a daily basis.
  • Regular training which keeps you up to date with the essential information and requirements of the latest regulations
  • Accelerating your career by assuming roles with a significant degree of responsibility which earn a high degree of trust and respect across the organisation.
Do you have a qualified background in Audit, Compliance, Risk or Legal? Then we have opportunities for you. 

Our Audit, Compliance, Risk and Legal vacancies

Valérie Audit Compliance RISK LEGAL ambassador
“My teams are responsible for gathering internal and external financial intelligence as part of protecting the Group against any risk of financial crime”. 


Head of the BNP Paribas Financial Intelligence Unit  

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