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Get started in banking through work-study!

Work-study training has so many benefits. Combining classwork and corporate experience, work-study contracts help students finance their education, discover a profession in a real-world setting and gradually enter the working world while gaining the experience required by employers. However, work-study faces a common misconception: many still think it only applies to technical and blue-collar lines of work. Far from it! Open to all educational levels and in every field of activity, many students can get the training they need through work-study. In fact, banking and insurance are two of the sectors offering the most work-study positions!

An increasingly popular form of training 

Students today can now complete all of their higher education through work-study programs, up to the Master’s level, in a wide range of industries. And though work-study is not yet available for every specialty, certain programs rely heavily upon them:

  1. 22% of students enrolled in professional undergraduate programs have apprentice status
  2. Master’s degrees offer work-study not only in the fields of administration, IT and management, but also in human resources, law, culture and communications
  3. Engineering schools (up to Master’s level) have also adopted work-study: over 200 engineering apprenticeships are now accredited by the CTI accreditation body for engineering schools, while the 2013-2014 academic year saw 17,500 apprentices enrolled in engineering programs
  4. Business schools (up to Master’s level) are offering increasing numbers of work-study opportunities to their students, primarily in the last two years of their degrees

BNP Paribas believes in work-study

BNP Paribas has offered work-study for many years – so much so that hiring apprentices is almost second nature.

Opting for a work-study contract at BNP Paribas means achieving a recognized degree while acquiring crucial experience and receiving a competitive salary, set by a precise matrix based on education level. Whether in apprenticeship or professionalization contracts, BNP Paribas recruits numerous work-study students each year :  

  1. Undergraduate level (Bac+2): BTS or DUT (banking, business or marketing) and professional degree programs (banking or business) 
  2. Master’s level (Bac+4/5): Master 2 programs at universities, engineering schools and business schools (banking/finance, business, management, administration or accounting)
  3. Intermediate level (Bac+2 to Bac+4): designed for “atypical profiles” such as young graduates in human sciences, literature or communication, receiving training as Junior Financial Advisors

Work-Study at BNP Paribas in 2016 :


students RECRUiTed in 2016



Over 2,000 work-study positions available in 2016

Every year, BNP Paribas recruits a large number of students through work-study programs, across nearly 300 different activities

For the Group, recruiting work-study candidates means investing in the future: BNP Paribas finances the education of each work-study employee, while students receive career advice from a tutor as well as quality internal training

It is only beneficial for the Group to capitalize on work-study, as these programs account for a substantial portion of its new recruits in open-ended contracts each year. 

Work-study represents a powerful springboard to long-term employment at an international and dynamic group. 

In 2016, BNP Paribas will recruit 2,000 students in work-study contracts. Most positions will be in sales, IT and support functions (marketing, human resources, communications). 

Our recruitment campaign is now underway until September: there’s still time to seize this opportunity that could change your career! 

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Work-study represents a powerful springboard to long-term employment at an international and dynamic group

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