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The banking jobs: developing the means of payments of tomorrow with IT Payment Services

Paying is something each of us does on a daily basis, whether as individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, or multinational groups. Shifts in consumer habits has enacted long-term changes to means of payment with, for example, contactless payment, which is now in widespread use. This transformation, which is affecting both individuals and companies, is based on new technologies, such as the cloud or AI, and requires a wide pallet of skills.

IT Payment Services must therefore address new challenges, from payment instantaneity to expanded selfcare for companies, with ever-higher standards of security in our payments and anti-fraud measures at the scale of the BNP Paribas group.

IT Payment Services’ teams include dedicated women and men from various backgrounds and profiles. Promotion of diversity, equality and inclusion is one of the Group’s hallmarks. The IT perimeter expresses this ambition through its target of having 37% of its teams consist of women by 2025.

Explore the IT Payment Services universe with Dominique Fleury, Head of IT Payment Services, IT GROUP Central

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