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#UnexpectedJobs: Chiara, Dream Catcher, tells us what goes on behind the scenes of her job

At BNP Paribas, we believe that behind every job, there's a unique, captivating, and unexpected story. Discover our #UnexpectedJobs and all they reveal about how we define our tasks and carry them out every day.

Meet Chiara Camporese, Senior Business Advisor, BNP Paribas Personal Finance, Italy 

“Empathy is an important power”

For 23 years, Chiara has been doing what she knows and loves best: listening attentively, asking questions with sincere empathy, and finding solutions for her clients. In other words, she’s a “Dream Catcher“ as the seeks grant their wishes.

Could you describe one unexpected aspect of your job that summarizes it quite accurately?

Chiara: Empathy. I do believe it’s an important power. We all need someone who listens to us and helps us in our everyday life. As a senior business advisor, I’m committed to being that person for my clients. I enjoy my conversations with them, and really care about finding a way of solving their problems and helping them realize their dreams, even the dreams they don’t think they have.

What’s one misconception people commonly have about your job?

Chiara: Bankers are thought to have one goal: sell a lot of products, home loans, personal loans, credit cards. But it's so misleading! Those are just means. Means that, well used, give me the power to find solutions to make my clients’ lives easier.In the 2022 World Rebound Challenge, my team emerged as winners among six after-sale teams in Italy. The challenge was to offer cash advance solutions during after-sale calls, and it was really this concern for our clients’ needs that made the difference…

And a good team spirit! What do you think is the recipe for a strong group dynamic?

Chiara: We have the best team and a happy working environment: everyone’s ideas are taken into consideration; we listen to each other, and we help one another. A few years back, we were much more focused on numbers and statistics than now. That has changed. We’ve understood that performance starts with people feeling good. I feel good about helping my clients catch their dreams. I feel even better knowing I did it ethically, in their best interest.

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