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#UnexpectedJobs: Kelvin, Cutting-Edge Impresario

At BNP Paribas, we believe that behind every job, there's a unique, captivating, and unexpected story. Discover our #UnexpectedJobs and all they reveal about how we define our tasks and carry them out every day.

Meet Kelvin Liao, Corporate Relashionship Manager, Corporate & Investment Banking, APAC

“My goal is to be one of the first 3 numbers my client will call.” 

For Kelvin, being on his clients’ speed dial is a source of pride.  Working with various clients for the past 14 years has given him the opportunity to direct and organize many different portfolios and orchestrate positive change through his work. This Cutting-Edge Impresario explains how he “composes” and brings to life a “score” of balanced financial investments, in harmony with his clients’ needs.  

How are you able to leverage the instruments at your disposal to deal with the unexpected aspects of your job? 

Kelvin: With my many years of knowledge and relationship building, I’ve become my clients’ main reference point when it comes to their financial decisions. I get unexpected requests all the time, but by developing an in-depth and personalized understanding of their expectations and challenges, I’ve ended up becoming their all-in-one adviser. 

What sort of impact can you orchestrate in other people’s lives through your work? 

Kelvin: When we lend a dollar to a corporation, we’re giving far more than just a dollar; we make their projects happen and that means change, creating employment while contributing to decarbonization and hopefully a positive societal impact. On a global level, each and every one of us has an instrumental role to play, and from a banking perspective, I’m an enabler of change.

Can you share more about what fulfills you at work? 

Kelvin: I’m very proud of implementing new banking products for unbanked populations - I can deliver tools that can help them achieve their financial goals without ever having to travel to a bank. Now, banking comes to them. Our new technologies help everyone to have equal access to financial tools. When you can combine forces and use resources the right way, you can do so much more to have a meaningful impact.

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