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Questions with Pamela, BNP Paribas Italy

7 questions with Pamela, campus manager for BNP Paribas in Rome, Italy. 

1. You are a campus manager at BNP Paribas in Italy: what does that involve?

My job consists in developing and consolidating relations with student bodies at universities and business schools, both in Italy and around the world. The objective is to introduce our Group to candidates, detect talent and boost our brand visibility on campuses. We organize external events on campuses and internal events at BNP Paribas entities in Italy(Opens in a new tab). Our audience includes students and recent graduates: company presentations, open house days at our offices, networking events, business games and more. Through these initiatives we are able to keep up a constant dialogue between candidates and the Group. 

2. What does that typical day of a campus manager at BNP Paribas include?

On a daily basis, I manage relations with our primary contacts at career centers and universities in order to carry out our campus strategy at targeted establishments. I interact continuously with my operational colleagues and our Brand Ambassadors concerning our recruiting needs and employer brand strategy. I attend campus and internal events with our recruiting team: not only do we provide information about the Group, we offer advice to students and recent graduates on job opportunities, career paths and the recruiting process at BNP Paribas.

3. What types of applicants are you currently looking for at BNP Paribas? 

Motivated, rigorous, open-minded, eager to tackle new challenges and ready to prepare the future of BNP Paribas: those are the qualities we look for in an applicant! More specifically, digital and IT skills combined with customer relations activities will represent the key factors in the Group’s future success within a changing environment. That’s why most of our recruiting needs come from IT services and sales. 

We also offer internship opportunities in several functions at every BNP Paribas entity in Italy. Our goal is to provide students and recent graduates with a stimulating learning experience and a chance to start their careers on the right foot, by acquiring all the skills they need to succeed in their careers.

4. What banking jobs have the brightest future?

No doubt about it: jobs in IT, compliance and sales offer the best prospects. In fact, with the digital transformation and changes in regulations, our needs are rapidly evolving when it comes to updating our customer experience and service model. More so than specific educational backgrounds, we will need to favor digital skills, an ability to adapt and a passion for contributing to the kind of change and innovation that will help us overcome the future challenges of a “changing world”. 

5. What is the biggest challenge you are facing today? 

In an environment growing more dynamic and fast-paced every day, traditional banking activities have to change considerably in order to keep up with changing technologies, needs and customer expectations. My top challenge right now is to find applicants who can bring their creative thinking abilities to bear on our transformation project, in order to develop new commercial offers, create new relations and craft unique customer experiences. 

6. Do you need to speak Italian to work in Italy? 

It all depends on the job. As we are part of a major international group, English is a crucial skill for a successful career at BNP Paribas in Italy. Some positions require advanced knowledge of Italian, since the activities they entail are tied strongly to the local context and markets, especially in retail banking. 

7. What are the 3 biggest recruiting trends for BNP Paribas in Italy?

Without hesitating: transparent communication, proximity with applicants and responsive interactions (both online and in person). Those are the main focal points of our recruiting process!

“ Always stay #curious, #innovative and ready to #share all your #ideas! #ThinkOutOfTheBox #MakeTheDifference ”


Campus manager for BNP Paribas in Rome, Italy

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