The bank for a changing world

Henri de Castries

On Tuesday, 5 February, at the Debates at La Maison Dorée, Michel Pébereau welcomed Henri de Castries, Chairman of AXA's Executive Board, and emphasised the closeness of relations between the two groups.

Henri de Castries presented the points of convergence between the banking and insurance businesses, which have developed along the same lines over the past ten years, in response to the demands of the clients themselves. As one of the points of convergence between banking and insurance, Henri de Castries emphasised the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

As a conclusion, Henri de Castries presented AXA's vision of the future. The Group must focus on its core business-financial coverage-carry out operations on its key markets, in an open architecture, develop relationships as a consultant, promote a global brand and, lastly, be a benchmark employer.