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Gender diversity at work : breaking stereotypes

On March, as part of International Women's Day 2017, a computer engineer, a futurist and a digital project manager, all females, have discussed the current position of women in the digital sector. Today, women still comprise a low proportion of the digital sector employees.

What can be done? During the first roundtable, organized by the Diversity and Inclusion Team, one of the main axes of improvement highlighted was to heighten awareness of the coming generations of women, who cannot miss the digital revolution. All the more so as today, female students only make up 8 to 10 % of Digital schools’ students, according to the State Secretariat of Digital and Innovation, and 28,4% of all the students in Engineer schools, according to the Conference of the Directors of French Engineering Schools. 

60% of the jobs of tomorrow don’t exist yet and most of them will be related to digital expertise. 

Then, a second round-table saw three women, one trader, one site supervisor and one fund manager and a male social worker discussing the choice of practicing a job that wouldn’t be associated with their gender. 

This event provided an opportunity to overturn gender stereotypes at work. Its participants all agreed: women should place greater confidence in their abilities and lean in their working life!

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Eva Attal
I’ve started my career in London. I am a female geek operating around male geeks and traders. Today I am even able to create intelligent applications to facilitate my everyday life… I am a computer engineer and I develop trading automations for CIB(Opens in a new tab) (Corporate and Institutional Banking).
Carole Bougeant
I am a Cartesian who likes mathematics and disciplines that can be applied to the real world … I am an algorithmic trader within CIB(Opens in a new tab) (Corporate and Institutional Banking). 
Valérie Charrière

I am passionate by Financial analysis and Investment in equity markets. During my studies in a business school in Montpellier, I joined associations of students that invest in the stock market … I am senior equities portfolio manager at Investments Partners(Opens in a new tab)

Benjamin Chevance
I have worked for large corporations and regional authorities, and commit in favor of underprivileged people. Good listening skills is THE most important requirement of my job... I am a social worker within the Group Human Resources.  

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