Launched early May for TéléTV@ (VAT on-line declaration), BNP Paribas digital certification service today enlarges with a card-based version of its Net-Identity digital certificate to answer to clients various needs.

Companies can therefore benefit from BNP Paribas' expertise and dedicated multi-disciplinary team to propose custom-made solutions to digital signature needs in B2B applications as well as to answer to immediate needs like TeleTV@. They can also take advantage of a flexible offer (various certificate support, value-added services) and of the simplicity and rapidity of BNP Paribas' solution implementation. A key argument when digital certificates becomes complusory for VAT on-line declaration for companies with turnover over 15M€ as well as subsidiaries of holdings with turnover over 600M€ as early as January 2002.

BNP Paribas is building the trust environment that companies require in the "digital signature technical revolution". Its willingness to assist companies is also well illustrated in its website, easy to access and use whatever the level of knowledge on digital certification of the user. A site worth the visit.

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