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The Digital Path: a programme for recent graduates dedicated to the #TransfoNum business lines

Working in #startup mode in a large Group can become a reality! The Digital Path offers an 18-month journey through the heart of the Digital Marketing, Data and New Technologies business lines.

The idea behind this digital odyssey is to develop varied skills and to gain access to a job with scope for progression to contribute to BNP Paribas' digital transformation within the IFS team (International Financial Services).

And in practical terms? 

Three visas for six-month projects will be issued to the Digital Explorers to give them time to receive training from our entities and respond to the digital transformation challenges faced by BNP Paribas on an international scale. 

The Digital Path covers ten potential domains, with projects designed to ensure a logical and coherent evolution and which will be defined jointly by the business lines and recent graduates. 

A business line mentor and an HR officer will support travellers in their odyssey, which will give recent graduates the opportunity to take part in learning expeditions, business line training courses and events. Lastly, you never travel alone on the Digital Path; a genuine community takes shape among the explorers.

Will you be our next explorer?

Yes, if you are a recent graduate, with 5/6 years' further education from a business or engineering school or with an equivalent university degree in Digital Marketing, Data & Analytics, or New Technologies.

Does this Digital Journey spark your interest?

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