For 11 years running,the French publication "Mieux Vivre"
has presented awards to the best performing fund manage-
ment institutions.A novelty this year,the Corbeilles d'Or 2001
awards included Luxembourg funds marketed in France:

- BNP PAM obtained third place this year (for performance
over one year),moving up six places from last year.
Special mention was given to global balanced fund mana-
gement,bond management and European/French equity
funds - particularly small and mid-cap -as well as inter-
national equities with a predominant French component.

- BNP PAM has also achieved first place in the retail ban-
king category over 11 years (since the awards have exis-
Over this period,BNP PAM had the best average one
year performance (11.86/20)but was also the most
consistent,as,with the exception of only one year,the
rating attributed for one year performance has always
been higher than 10.This excellent result followed the top
ranking achieved in the Corbeilles d'Or awards for 10
year performance last year.

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