Option Finance magazine's survey "450 corporations rate their bank" put BNP Paribas at the top of the list of French institutions for both investment and corporate banking.
BNP Paribas finished first among French banks in the bi-annual survey conducted by the financial magazine Option Finance. In addition to ranking first overall, the Group came out on top for corporate banking, nudging out Société Générale, and for investment banking, by a wide margin over all its competitors.

BNP Paribas was #1 in nine out of 14 categories, including "the most efficient bank for commercial loans", "the bank that provides the best assistance abroad", and "the bank whose services offer the best value for money". The survey panel of 465 financial managers from the 1,200 largest industrial, commercial, and service groups would be more inclined to give our Group a mandate for an M&A or other financial operation. BNP Paribas is also the bank they would prefer to have as shareholder.

In this year's survey, previous survey winner Société Générale scored first only in those categories where BNP Paribas did not, and Crédit Lyonnais came in third in virtually all categories. Neither the creation of the new banking groups Natexis Banques Populaires and Crédit Mutuel-CIC nor HSBC's acquisition of CCF had any major impact on the rankings. BNP Paribas, however, was #1 in the main categories after only two years of existence.

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