The four thousand students recruited from all over France to explain the euro to customers in branches took part in a big show organized on Saturday 17 November under the big top of the Phénix circus at Paris's Pelouse de Reuilly.

Michel Pébereau told them that they are going to do a job unlike any other, in a company unlike any other, on an occasion unlike any other.

The afternoon training session was hosted by Laurent Boyer, star of the M6 television network. In their presentations, Alain Moynot (head of the Domestic Retail Banking core business "BDDF"), Christine Roland-Levy (psycho-sociologist at the University of Paris) and Philippe Caplet (euro coordinator at BDDF) explained the euro angels' task. In order to give them practice with fictitious customers, sketches were prepared covering five topics: the timetable for the transition, banknotes and coins, the 12 euro zone countries, the switchover of ATMs and payment instruments into euros, and currency conversions.
Participants chosen from among the audience answered questions on stage summing up the situations covered.
At the end of the day the euro angels received kits containing sweatshirts bearing the colors of the event, a converter, and a manual with answers to all questions concerning the single European currency.

A journalist from RTL dubbed them "angels to help you get through the hellish transition to the single currency."

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