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BNP Paribas Graduate Programs in France

Looking to kickstart your career with several months of intensive immersion at a major banking group? That is the opportunity offered to recent graduates by BNP Paribas’ Graduate Programs (unavailable link). These challenging 18-month programs spent in different operational functions enable participants to expand their banking knowledge, skills and professional networks. Learn more about this promising initiative.

Maximizing the potential of young talent 

Convinced that recent and future graduates represent the future of the Group, BNP Paribas is counting on their talent to maintain its edge in the market. As it works to build the future of banking, the Group is now putting in place HR measures designed to attract future talent. The Graduate Programs (unavailable link) are one example: these recruiting programs allow selected candidates to join several operational functions for 18 months, while benefiting from personalized HR support

For BNP Paribas, the programs pursue two main goals:

  • Develop and retain the skills of tomorrow to support the bank’s transformation
  • Encourage knowledge- and skills-sharing among employees through a “trainee classapproach 

The Graduate Programs in France






professional development assignments

Mentoring and experience on the job

The BNP Paribas Graduate Programs have three distinct pathways:

  • The Excellence Program (unavailable link) is a strong career booster in the Group’s various businesses, featuring a mentoring component
  • The Digital Path (unavailable link) programs of International Financial Services (IFS) and Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB) are focused on developing digital expertise in banking professions

Hired immediately through long-term contracts, participants in each pathway complete an immersive and personalized curriculum composed of three professional development assignments, each lasting six months. The rotation is co-constructed based on the needs of the bank’s businesses and the skills or interests of each participant. As full team members, participants quickly gain experience and specific skills by working directly with their peers and senior employees in the entity. As soon as they are hired, participants also become members of a “trainee class” to promote joint development, experience-sharing and to help build skills as a group. Recruiting programs are open to candidates of all nationalities, though they take place in France (with some exceptions). 

At the end of the program, each participant can choose a career path that is best suited to their preferences.

  • Members of the Excellence Program (unavailable link) can access jobs in every area of the Group: Global Markets, Corporate Banking, Financial Institutions Coverage (FIC), Compliance and Technologies, etc. 
  • Digital Path (unavailable link) participants can hold jobs in International Financial Services—IFS (Personal Finance, International Retail Banking, BNP Paribas Cardif, Wealth Management, Asset Management, Real Estate) or Corporate and Institutional Banking—CIB (Global Markets, Global Banking, Securities Services, Change Management, Information Technology & Operations)

What are the pre-requisites for taking part in the Graduate Programs?

The programs seek a wide range of candidates. While Master’s (Bac+5) graduates in math, finance, economics, science, business, engineering and computer science, showing strong analytical skills and mathematical abilities, can apply for the Excellence Program, digital and data-oriented candidates are invited to join the Digital Path. The Digital Path encourages a passionate mindset and a “digital explorer” mentality, rather than a specific degree. In this way, the Group aims to develop an internal mindset focused on digital innovation, notably by integrating the following candidates: 

  • Digital (Growth Hacker, Digital Project Manager, Content Marketing Manager) 
  • Data & Analytics (Data Analyst, Data Scientist)
  • New Tech (Product Owner, Developer, UX Designer)

For all programs, initiative, determination and curiosity are essential qualities. Participants should also be committed team players eager to tackle collaborative work. Candidates need not have a specific end goal in mind for the program—based on their preferences and the opportunities available with each business, participants can co-construct their pathway with HR teams as they progress through the program

Graduate Programs 

programme-excellence.bnpparibas.com (unavailable link)

Find out more about our Graduate Programs and join us.  

Visit (unavailable link)

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