Since the late 1990s, BMCI has been committed to an active cultural and social sponsorship policy. This genuine desire to contribute to the social and cultural development of Morocco is reflected in strong, long-lasting partnerships in the fields of Music, Publishing and Solidarity.
On the strength of its long-standing commitment to causes of public interest and in close collaboration with the BNP Paribas Foundation, BMCI is today reinforcing and developing its sponsorship-based approach by conferring upon itself a specific framework; that of a foundation.

Culture and solidarity: two fields of intervention for supporting the social and cultural development of Morocco.

The BMCI Foundation is gathering together under one banner all sponsorship activities in favour of Culture and Solidarity that have so far been carried out by BMCI. It has recently reinforced and consolidated its existing partnerships, while developing a number of new programmes.
In addition to basic financial assistance, the BMCI Foundation supports its partners in the same way as the bank supports its customers: it offers customised assistance, providing advice, active listening and an on-site presence to suit the goals and aspirations of each of its partners.



BMCI has developed a strong policy of sponsorship with regard to classical music. It has therefore supported, from their inceptions, several key musical events and institutions in Morocco such as the Moroccan Philharmonic Orchestra, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, or the music festival Printemps Musical des Alizés, which has now taken place for the 8th year running. While consolidating these partnerships, the BMCI Foundation has chosen to expand its sponsorship policy to include jazz and contemporary music as demonstrated by its recent sponsorship of the Tangier Jazz Festival “Tanjazz”.


For many years BMCI has sponsored the publication of books to preserve Moroccan cultural heritage, and has supported activities encouraging the development of reading in Morocco, particularly initiatives focusing on young people. The BMCI Foundation has recently built on this commitment by supporting specifically the publication of youth literature in Morocco.

Live entertainment

The BMCI Foundation will be paying particular attention to contemporary artistic expression in the field of live entertainment (dance, new circus arts, etc). For the launch of its Foundation, BMCI has chosen to sponsor, with the joint support of the BNP Paribas Foundation and the French Institutes of Morocco, the Moroccan tour of the Taoub show performed by the Tangier acrobatic troupe. This show, directed by Aurélien Bory, is a mixture of the traditional and contemporary, and has successfully toured in 15 countries throughout the world and will be performed in Morocco for the first time this summer.


Integration through training and artistic activities

The BMCI Foundation will reinforce the support already provided by BMCI to associations working for the professional integration of underprivileged young people and to associations committed to the integration of women and children in need. The BMCI Foundation also wishes to support innovative integration projects using artistic activities. It is developing an improvement programme for book and games libraries to round out its activities in the cultural domain.


The BMCI Foundation is committed to sponsoring associations working towards the social and professional integration of disabled people, such as those supported by BMCI.

Medical research

The BMCI Foundation will also work towards implementing a medical research assistance programme and will offer support to associations of researchers or doctors assisting the sick.

A helping hand for employee projects

The BMCI Foundation would like to develop the “Helping hand for employee projects” programme in Morocco, already implemented by the BNP Paribas Foundation in several countries in which the group is present. It provides support to solidarity initiatives in which the employees are personally involved.

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Press contacts

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