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Khadim Rassoul Diop
Khadim Rassoul Diop
Training Design Manager

Khadim Rassoul Diop, Training Design Manager at BNP Paribas in Abidjan, tells his missions in 5 questions.

What does your job entail?

I manage training projects for our subsidiaries in Sub-Saharan Africa, a region that includes 2,179 employees and seven countries at BNP Paribas: Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Conakry and Comoros . 

Concretely, I handle every step in designing training programs—from the needs analysis and impact study, to organizing the call for bids, selecting external service providers and setting up the training system. I also ensure that training projects meet the priority business challenges of each entity.

What qualities does it take to do this job? 

I think it takes a healthy dose of creativity, teaching skills and humility, because training is not the cure for every ill. For example, support from management is an important tool for the strengthening of skill development. That’s why it’s important to maintain close ties with each business to closely analyze their needs.

You work within the BICI Academy in Abidjan. What is that entity?

The entity handles training and skill development for employees from the Group’s subsidiaries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Not only does the BICI Academy design training, but it also plans and coordinates modules and provides economic support for training activities.

Senegal, Ivory Coast: you moved to a new country while remaining within the Group. Was it important for you to join a major international group to have mobility opportunities? Why?

In reality, mobility was not the biggest motivator for me to join the Group. Above all I wanted to fulfil all my potential as an employee and put into practice what I had learned during my previous experience at a consulting firm. I regarded BNP Paribas as a company that would enable me to expand my skills and become a seasoned professional. Of course, mobility is one of the opportunities afforded by the Group, both geographic and between departments. BNP Paribas knows how to reward employees who give their best.

What is your biggest goal for 2017? 

To put together a qualification program for our Wealth Management Consultants. Today, in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Group is focused on a high-end clientele and we need excellent skills to serve this highly demanding category of clients. 

“ Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, because there are a lot of challenges to discover at the bank. BNP Paribas can offer new and diversified professional experiences all throughout your career. So don’t hesitate, try your luck and apply to join our big family!  ”

Khadim Rassoul Diop

Training Design Manager

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