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Sandy Chiu
Sandy Chiu
Senior system analyst

Based in Hong Kong(Opens in a new tab), Senior System Analyst Sandy Chiu is shaping the future of eBanking system development at BNP Paribas. Over the last seven years she’s been working on Cash Management channel, a worldwide corporate eBanking system name as Connexis Cash, first in a support role, and now in a senior capacity. We asked her about her evolving responsibilities and why she believes BNP Paribas is a great place to work.

Tell us about what you do at BNP Paribas. 

For the last seven years I have been working at BNP Paribas on Connexis Cash, an online cash management service that provides clients with real-time access to reports in value or ledger balance across all their accounts, including with competitor banks. I started five years ago in Asia region, L2 support role, during which time I gained intimate knowledge about the system after manually inputting each new contract into the system. Now, for the past two years, as Senior System Analyst, or Product Owner, my job is to help define and improve the system itself

What does a typical day look like? 

My specific role is to help the Connexis Cash product evolve by coordinating and facilitating the exchanges between business analysts and developers. A typical day involves leading conference calls with team members across the world, usually in Europe and Asia. Practically speaking, this involves making sure the business team clearly defines the features to develop in the system and then ensuring the developers are able to bring that vision to life. I like to see myself as an enabler of digital transformation!

I like to see myself as an enabler of digital transformation!

What is your biggest challenge at the moment?

We’re currently transitioning into the third generation of the Connexis Cash system, which means that we need to offer innovative new services all the while ensuring that the last version still functions as intended. This involves a lot of critical steps that must be handled properly for the launch to go smoothly, including data migration and other connectivity issues.

What do you like about your new role as a Senior System Analyst?

The role of a Senior System Analyst, or Product Owner, is not always easy—the days are long and are often spent identifying bugs that need to be fixed! But the payoff is worth it when you see the final product, and understand how useful the product is to clients around the world. Watching something evolve before your very eyes is a very satisfying experience.

What qualities does it take to do this job?

You need to be open to change and able to quickly adapt. The nature of a product life cycle means that you are constantly testing your product, fixing any mistakes, and learning from past experiences. You’ve got to stay nimble!

“ As a global banking leader with operations worldwide, BNP Paribas offers numerous career opportunities. No matter your area of expertise or your location, there’s room for everyone! ”

Sandy Chiu

Senior analyst system, BNP Paribas Hong Kong

Do you have any advice to give to anyone hoping to pursue this profession? 

Make sure you are constantly sharpening your data management skills and keeping your knowledge up-to-date. At the same time, remember that the perfect ‘expert’ doesn’t exist and no one person has all the answers.  Becoming an expert is a lifelong journey of sharing knowledge. Keep yourself open to that process.   

You joined BNP Paribas seven years ago. What attracted you to the bank?

After working as a data analyst in Hong Kong for a few years, a former colleague informed me that BNP Paribas was in the middle of creating a new team for an interesting project. He thought I’d be a good fit—and he was right! Since joining, I’ve been impressed by the friendliness of my colleagues. I don’t take it for granted—I’ve worked in many offices where everyone is competitive, only looking out for themselves. At BNP Paribas, there is a real sense of camaraderie

 Since joining, I’ve been impressed by the friendliness of my colleagues. 

I was also struck by how long people stay with the company. My previous manager has been working here for over ten years, my current manager for eight, and many more who have been working here for much longer! 

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