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Renaud Maire
Renaud Maire
IT Project manager senior

Senior IT project manager at BGL BNP Paribas(Opens in a new tab) in Luxembourg, Renaud Maire oversees digital projects for the bank’s business areas. He contributes to the Group’s digital transformation in the Luxembourg market, which is renowned for being an innovation laboratory. Satisfied with his work, Renaud Maire is open to moving abroad to take his work beyond the boundaries of the Grand Duchy. We asked him a few questions about his work.

What do you do as a Senior IT Project Manager?  

I coordinate all the technical aspects of the roll-out of a new digital service for the bank’s various business areas. I define objectives, assemble and lead project teams and take care of planning, risk management and budgeting among other tasks. I also oversee relations with partners, suppliers, and other internal and external stakeholders. 

How do you lead these projects? 

We always use Agile methodology to manage our projects as it places the customer at the heart of the process and offers the fastest response times.

Can you give us an example of your projects?

Sure! We’re currently developing a new digital ecosystem for retail banking and integrating the web, mobile, and social media platforms into it. We are doing this through a design thinking approach that is solution-focused and seeks to understand the needs of the end-user.  

You are passionate about digital technology. Does that help you in your work?

Every time I learn of a new technological breakthrough, the first question that comes to my mind is: how can I bring this innovation to my field? From the rise of FinTechs and the growing role of artificial intelligence to the massive influence of web giants and changes in regulations, the financial services sector is rapidly transforming. In my own little way, I try to make this transformation as seamless and profitable for the Group as possible. 

Which qualities make a great IT project manager?

To succeed in my job, it is essential to build trust-based relationships by listening to everyone involved on a project. It is also crucial to know all the different Agile and classic methodologies out there. And finally, the job requires a lot of common sense! 

You joined BNP Paribas in 2009, when the Group became the majority shareholder in BGL. What attracted you to the Group? 

We have all the resources we need at BNP to take full advantage of the changes taking place in banking. This allows for many great opportunities. The Group also pays close attention to the well-being of its employees. I, for one, am extremely happy to work for the Group. There are many possibilities on offer, in Luxembourg itself, because nearly all of the Group’s businesses have a presence in the country. But the bank also provides a lot of options in terms of international mobility: I’d also be interested in taking on new digital challenges abroad. 

What is your biggest challenge at the moment?  

In one word: transformation. The old saying, “there is nothing permanent but change” has never been truer!

“ The coming years are an exciting time to be working in banking and finance. Have an open mind and stay curious!  ”

Renaud Maire

Senior IT Project Manager

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