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The banking jobs : Manager of the Liquidity Reporting Solutions team

Vincent Follot
Vincent Follot
Manager of the Liquidity Reporting Solutions team

Following a career in the automotive industry and Supply Chain consulting, Vincent Follot joined BNP Paribas in 2010. Over the course of seven years within the Group, this curious graduate of the Ecole Centrale Paris has already changed professions three times—exactly the kind of career path he sought out! Today he manages the Liquidity Reporting Solutions team within the Finance Group, a little-known business at the heart of the digital transformation.

Tell us about what you do at BNP Paribas. 

Within the Finance Group, I manage a team of 15 people tasked with consolidating financial data from the Group’s businesses, in particular data relating to liquidity. Our goal is to establish financial accounts and play a role in the Group’s economic management. To do so, we work together with IT to design and develop tools dedicated to the Group’s Reporting and Management Control teams. 

Can you tell us about a specific issue you have worked on?

We are currently developing a data visualization tool to provide an optimal representation of financial data, making it possible to toggle between the bank’s global performance indicator and the details of a mortgage contract. The platform also helps us communicate better with our various stakeholders.

What made you want to pursue this profession?

After seven years at BNP Paribas, I wanted to refocus my career on the bank’s core business and capitalize on my management skills. I first joined the Group in the Purchasing service in 2010, before managing the creation of the Group’s Finance platform in Portugal. These were exciting experiences, but I wanted a chance to use my technical skills. So I joined the financial reporting team to work more closely on the bank’s economic challenges.

What qualities are needed for this profession? 

Curiosity above all, because our profession sits at the intersection of two worlds: IT, in terms of developing tools, and business, in terms of producing financial reports. 

A knack for customer service is also crucial since we work on behalf of the business units, our internal clients.

Lastly, this job requires a healthy dose of organization and pragmatism. 

With the emergence of big data and data analytics, IT is revolutionizing financial data and banking in general. It’s exciting to have a front row seat to watch these major transformations unfold every day through my work.  

Why did you join BNP Paribas after working in industry and consulting? 

I wanted to join a major international group offering the possibility to work with a diverse range of internal and external teams. The bank’s wide array of businesses, as well as its interdepartmental and geographic mobility options, are also key advantages for the Group. BNP Paribas offers so many different career possibilities!  

What is your biggest challenge at the moment?

My biggest challenge is updating the way we access financial data to improve everyday operations for our clients, while meeting the standards set by regulators. Integrating new information technologies into our tools is essential to completing this task.

Furthermore, in connection with the Group’s social project, I volunteered to audit a microfinance institution in India for a week. It’s a completely new field and context to me, but it’s very exciting!

“ Don’t be afraid to apply. Don’t just go for the bank’s front office professions. Some lesser known positions, like projects & systems, form the backbone of the bank’s innovation. ”

Vincent Follot

Manager of the Liquidity Reporting Solutions team

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