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Chris Chiu
Chris Chiu
IT Project Manager

Chris Chiu, IT Project Manager at BNP Paribas in Hong Kong tells his missions in 6 questions

1. What does the job of IT Project Manager entail?

I am the Asia-Pacific regional technology lead for the Group’s Prime Services and Financing (PS&F) activity. I notably manage an electronic platform for trading listed futures and options on the derivatives markets.

The position requires both technical and functional skills, such as the ability to inform and educate our customer — the internal execution desk and operation teams. Traders meet with me to express their needs and expect from me and my team to provide them with solutions that meet their requirements.

2. What is happening now in banking IT in Asia-Pacific?

Electronic trading of financial products is a highly regulated activity because it involves a broad range of transactions carried out in multiple countries. We have several teams here who cover this aspect of the job. Part of my job is to understand these regulations in order to plan for the technical solutions to adhere to these regulations as they arise. 

3. How did you find your way to BNP Paribas?

I was seeking a job that combines technology and finance. I came back to Hong Kong in 2005 after studying computer engineering in the United States, and that is when I decided to pursue a career in technology. But I quickly realized I wanted to take my passion to the prestigious world of finance, even though I knew nothing about it! After sending out a large number of applications, I got my feet wet in investment banking first for a competitor. I joined BNP Paribas in 2012, enticed by the ample career prospects the bank offers to match my ambitions. After 4 years, I was promoted to the regional lead position that I occupy now. 

“ The IT Project Manager position takes both technical and relational skills, such as the ability to inform and educate our customer—the internal brokerage entity. ”

Chris Chui

4. Several months ago you became a member of “APAC Leaders for Tomorrow.” What is this group?

It’s an internal program that brings together employees chosen for the high performance they have shown over the years. As members, we receive tailored support to build our careers and become the future leaders of the bank: personal development planning, tools to accelerate our expertise, seminars, mentoring, etc. It’s a career-building program that reflects the BNP Paribas management style: an approach founded on recognizing talent and employee value.

5. How has your multicultural background served as an asset in your career?

It gives me a competitive edge. I think it helped me become a better communicator, which is a crucial skill when it comes to Interacting with colleagues with a vast cultural background within and across the APAC region. 

6. What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

Transitioning from this job to my next position with the client management department, since I won’t be working in an IT capacity anymore. It will steer me to break out of my “all tech, all the time” perspective and change the way I look at different matters. And I think this kind of adaptability is what is required here to embrace change in general.

“ Be open to change and new challenges, without rushing too quickly, since climbing the ladder is a long-term project. ”

Chris Chiu

IT Project Manager

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