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Chedy Riahi
Chedy Riahi
Innovation Project Manager

Chedy Riahi, Innovation Project Manager at BNP Paribas tells his missions in 5 questions

What do you do at BNP Paribas?

I am in charge of all partnerships through OpenUp(Opens in a new tab) (unavailable link). This Group program connects startups from all around the world with BNP Paribas employees who are bringing innovative projects to the bank. My role is to add a dose of agility to the processes and accelerate each step as the projects come into fruition. I do this by helping employees meet their needs and identifying the most pertinent start-ups. 

What qualities does it take to do your job?

You have to be aware of the issues connected to the digital transformation of a major group. I think you also need a thorough knowledge of the company’s businesses and an entrepreneurial spirit, because this job lies at the crossroads of two worlds.

Innovation is such a vast topic! What are you most focusing on right now?

The Group’s objective is to reinvent itself to become the leading bank for customer knowledge. As an Innovation Associate, my role is also to support this transformation, which is above all a digital revolution. It primarily includes optimizing the banking experience for customers to boost user-friendliness, security and performance. 

What do you like about working here? 

The career opportunities, and the fact that the bank is on the cutting edge of innovation. I joined BNP Paribas in March 2015 and spent my first year with the Market Intelligence team. There, I produced several reports on cross-functional subjects such as new technologies applied to banking, artificial intelligence, robotics, co-creation, etc. Then, I joined the Innovation team as part of a reorganization, which brought me closer to operations. Jobs and positions change quickly here: in a year, I will probably be doing something different! 

What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now? 

Understanding our internal innovation needs and finding the best start-ups to meet those needs, all while respecting BNP Paribas “checks”: our security and compliance standards. 

“ Show that you love to take on challenges. And try your luck, because BNP Paribas offers a world of opportunities within a highly international environment. ”

Chedy Riahi

Innovation Project Manager

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