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Joanne Marchand
Joanne Marchand
Innovation and CSR Leader

Joanne Marchand has had several professional lives since joining the Group in 1989. She is now Innovation & CSR Leader at BNP Paribas Securities Services(Opens in a new tab), a role that she approaches with the same passion as when her career began.

What does an Innovation Leader do? 

It’s extremely varied! I organise and facilitate internal events (workshops, training sessions, hackathons …) which aim to encourage the innovation initiatives amongst our staff.

I take part in similar external events as a facilitator both for the Group and for external partners such as the Luxembourg Open Innovation Club. I also have an important communication role where these initiatives are concerned.

And how does that translate in concrete terms?

Our lighthouse project this year has been our Biz-Hackathon which was organised to boost our customer service improvement programme, UpLifting Service. 6 challenges were given to 6 teams of 6 voluntary employee biz-hackers. Three of our key clients agreed to spend the day co-creating with us. At the end of the day, 3 pitches with the potential to offer real added value in terms of customer service were selected. We now have to turn the winning solutions into tangible actions.  

You are also responsible for CSR

That’s correct. My role is to implement the Group’s CSR strategy locally in the domains of social, civic, environmental and economic responsibility. In 2016, for the second time, BNP Paribas Securities Services, Luxembourg was awarded the Socially Responsible Enterprise label by the National Institute for Sustainable Development (INDR). We are also active in the Luxembourg eco-system in that we take part in a number of market initiatives such as the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry’s Responsible Investment workgroup.

And what specific actions have been done in Luxembourg?

In the domains of social and civic responsibility, our Health Day, which has just recently taken place, is a highpoint. For this year’s edition, we launched a collective challenge to walk a total of 3 million steps for ELA Luxembourg, a charity dedicated to the fight against leukodystophy, which is a genetic, orphan disease. Staff from all of the BNP Paribas entities present in Luxembourg wore the ELA pedometers for the day. We are very proud to be able to donate 35,000 Euros to ELA. The programme also included a number of health and well-being related conferences and events. Another of our initiatives is the support of a school for autistic children in Belgium, Boutons d’Or, through the Securities Services for Education programme, and in particular the financing of therapeutic sessions at local stables. 

What qualities are needed for this job?

You need to be able to rally others to projects which do not necessarily have a clear link to the banking profession. Plus a good dose of optimism and strong-headedness. And, of course, it’s important to listen.

And do you have an anecdote to share with us? 

Yes, the giant colon set up at our previous offices which will be remembered for a long time! It was in 2012 on the occasion of the 1st edition of the Health Day, the theme of which was cancer prevention. Accompanied by representatives of the Luxembourg Cancer Foundation, employees could walk through the structure and learn about how the disease progresses. It was very clear! And the campaign was a huge success in terms of awareness.

“ A job is often what you make of it. It is possible to mould a position to one’s image, especially in an international banking group like BNP Paribas which offers its staff extensive career opportunities. ”

Joanne Marchand

Innovation and CSR Leader

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