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The banking jobs : Human resources Analyst

Taina Vieira
Taina Vieira
Human resources Analyst

Taina Vieira, Human Resources Analyst at BNP Paribas in Sao Paulo, tells her missions in 5 questions.

Tell us about what you do at BNP Paribas Cardif.

I wear two hats within the HR department : I work with internal communications and also with the subsidiary’s corporate social responsibility actions. As a communicator, I relay the top news from each department throughout our internal communication platforms : new products, best practices, events, markets, etc. That means I spend a lot of time sifting through news and writing.

And your CSR role?

I organize events and encourage our employees to participate in them. To maximize engagement, I frequently work with non-profit organizations and take every measure to boost visibility. One example: we launched a campaign, called “Solidary Rapunzel”, which invited employees to donate their hair to an organization that make wigs for cancer patients. The organization visited us on site to meet with employees, talk about their work and brought 3 hairdresser that made the job... It was an absolute success! More than 30 employees donated their hair.

What qualities does it take to do this job?

You need strong planning abilities to facilitate employee engagement as much as possible. For example, whenever I organize an event, I always make sure to take care of all the side concerns: logistics, transport, equipment, food, etc. Attention to detail is crucial! 

“ Learn as much as you can about insurance, as it is a unique and vast business. And show that you are passionate, because that means you are always working to do more. ”

Taina Vieira

Human Resources Analyst

What are the benefits of working for a French insurer in Brazil?

BNP Paribas Cardif Brazil has a culture that is both very local and extremely open, with employees from Brazil, France, Chile and other countries. Of course, that makes my experience in Human Resources all the more interesting! I like working with people from diverse backgrounds, just as I appreciate the challenge and opportunities that come along with working for a major company.

What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

Increasing management’s engagement in our CSR and Communications actions, since that will help us attract even more employees to get engaged. 

In addition, I would also like to raise employee awareness about the importance of internal communications, which often relays messages that are crucial to the company’s operation.

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