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The banking jobs : Head of Group Benefit contract management

Maryse Lawson
Maryse Lawson
Head of Group Benefit Contract Management

Maryse Lawson, Head of Group Benefit contract management, landed in the insurance world “by chance.” She decided to build a career in the industry after discovering the people-centric side of individual insurance. And though her current job satisfies both her thirst for knowledge and her need for human contact, she would like to move to a position with an “international dimension” in the coming years. In fact, mobility opportunities represent one of the main advantages that brought her to BNP Paribas!

What is your mission as “Head of Group Benefits contract management”? 

I manage an employee benefit contract that covers employees from every Group entity—some 60,000 people, notably including branch office staff—with income protection, life, disability and other insurance policies. Along with my team of eight people, I work on a daily basis with Human Resources and, of course, the policyholders. They generally contact us when facing difficult circumstances. So we always have to approach them with empathy and kindness, while still taking direct action to obtain all necessary documentation as rapidly as possible to accelerate payouts and help the policyholder! 

You have spent your career in the insurance industry. Do you have a special connection to this field? 

I was originally on track to work in logistics. But after my six-month Master’s internship at an insurance company in West Africa, I received many more opportunities in that sector. And that was just fine with me. I like the people-centric and relational aspects of the industry. Despite the highly regulated side of insurance, every case is unique from a human standpoint. In addition, my current activity gives me a comprehensive vision of insurance and its mechanisms, from actuarial science to payouts. It’s enriching and educational.

In 2012, you held a position in the credit sector for four months. Did you prefer to return to insurance? 

I was working for the after-sales service of a major credit card. Customers who had taken out a renewable credit line called me to do things like increase their credit limit. I spent the whole day on the phone with customers, many of whom were calling with requests. It was very enlightening—I learned a sense of customer service, how to diffuse a tense situation through active listening. But I didn’t feel at home like I do now in the insurance business! 

What is your biggest challenge for 2017? 

After recently joining my team, my goal for this year is to move from a “junior” employee to an “expert,” so that I can have more versatility in my activity. In the long run, as in the next few years, I would like a position with an international dimension—either working abroad or with customers or entities abroad. It runs in the family—my father worked abroad and I lived in several different countries in Africa during my childhood. I am proud of my dual heritage in Ghana and Togo, as well as my taste and curiosity for new places! The potential for mobility is another factor that brought me to BNP Paribas, an international group. 

What would you say to someone hoping to join BNP Paribas?

I would tell them not to hesitate to join a company that offers strong mobility opportunities. BNP Paribas is a group that operates all around the world—the career possibilities are endless and diverse. Moreover, opportunities are also available through sponsorship operations, associations. BNP Paribas offers an international, lively and cosmopolitan environment! 

“ I chose BNP Paribas for the wide range of opportunities offered by an international, cosmopolitan and people-centric group! ”

Maryse Lawson

Head of Group Benefit contract management 

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