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The banking jobs : Equity Delta One Research Analyst

Bernice Chan
Bernice Chan
Delta One Research Analyst

Paris, London, Hong Kong. Back in Hong Kong after having spent several years in Europe, Bernice Chan, a recent graduate of the HEC business school, is thriving as a Delta One Analyst—a job she’s passionate about.

Tell us about what you do at BNP Paribas.

I send out recommendations pertaining to dividend forecasts and index rebalancing. In other words, my goal is to help the traders who work at the Delta One service streamline their negotiation and pricing strategies. I also observe the latest market news every day, analyzing the financial information published by companies and monitoring major corporate events such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and cessation of business. I do this for all Asian markets, except Japan. 

What is Delta One, the product you analyze?

Delta One is a financial derivative. Its price fluctuates to the same extent as the price of its underlying asset portfolio. By issuing recommendations on the composition of this portfolio, I help traders arbitrate the portfolio and negotiate on the markets. 

What made you want to do this job? 

I have always wanted to work in finance—an exciting sector full of smart and engaged people. When the opportunity to work at BNP Paribas as a recent graduate opened up, I jumped at the chance! After joining the Group’s Asia-Pacific Graduate Program (unavailable link), I became an associate analyst in Hong Kong in April 2017. What I like most about my job is the technical side of it and the chance to work on niche financial products. 

What qualities do you think it takes to do this job? 

A keen interest in financial markets to decipher trends, identify what lies behind price fluctuations and understand the impact of an economic event on companies is a must. Some basic knowledge in finance is recommended, even though most of the learning happens on the job. It’s a job that demands strong interpersonal skills, since financial analysts interact with many different traders, analysts and sales. You also have to know how to present and justify your conclusions. And, finally, you need to be able to work in a fast-paced environment.  

What is your biggest challenge at the moment? 

Getting better at financial research—a job that has a long learning curve. It takes several years to build your knowledge base and to put it to use. And it takes even longer to become an expert—especially given that there are no clear right or wrong conclusions. No one has the right answer. The only criterion is if your line of reasoning makes any sense. That’s the question I ask myself all day, every day.

“ Take your chances! The bank is an exciting, challenging and friendly place to work. Your coworkers will be more than happy to share their knowledge and experience with you, which is a crucial asset for a first job. On top of that, you will quickly receive important responsibilities.”

Bernice Chan

Equity Delta One Research Analyst

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