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The banking jobs: Due Diligence Officer

Ephraim Patty
Ephraim Patty
Due Diligence Officer

Ephraim Patty, Due Diligence Officer at BNP Paribas in Amsterdam, tells his missions in 4 questions.

What do you do at BNP Paribas?

I verify the identity and financial situation of our current and future customers (due diligence) to evaluate the potential risks (corruption, fraud, money laundering, etc.) to which they expose the bank. In concrete terms, I collect and analyze all the documentation our customers are required to submit, through the ‘Know Your Customer’ process. 

Your background is in journalism. Why did you choose a job in banking compliance?

The two professions are quite similar and demand the same close attention to detail, critical spirit, research and analysis. In both cases, successful candidates need to know how to investigate, ask questions, request documents and perform other tasks that sometimes irritate the people on the other end! One of the biggest challenges facing a Due Diligence Officer is learning everything you need to know about local and international regulations. 

What brought you to a bank with French roots?

I’m of Indonesian heritage but born and raised in the Netherlands, so I have a rather international background. I started working at a Dutch bank before seeing BNP Paribas’s job listing for a Due Diligence Officer. I knew right away that working at the bank would open a lot of doors, so I submitted my application immediately. I made the right choice, because joining BNP Paribas instantly felt like the most natural thing in the world. 

What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now? 

Adapting to the standardization of due diligence processes within the bank, which means learning to use some complex IT tools and programs. You have to know how to juggle the technology side and your core responsibilities! 

“ Show your thirst for knowledge and your ability to take initiative. That is what will enable you to seize opportunities. ”

Ephraim Patty

Due Diligence Officer

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