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Janine Amorim Da Silva
Janine Amorim Da Silva
Digital Traffic Acquisition Specialist

Janine Amorim Da Silva, Digital Traffic Acquisition Specialist with BNP Paribas Cardif(Opens in a new tab), joined the Group by completing a work-study program during her MBA. After graduating, she took a one-year position with the bank, and she recently signed an open-ended contract. Intensely passionate for her job, Janine emphasizes that understanding and appreciating banking and insurance products are essential to developing and advancing within the Group.

What does a Digital Traffic Acquisition Specialist do every day?

I generate traffic to our websites, grow their audiences and capture leads to sell insurance products on Cardif.fr(Opens in a new tab). That covers two primary missions. First, I’m responsible for acquiring leads. I do this by maintaining lead-capturing tools and producing creative kits, such as banners, which can attract new prospects. Secondly, I focus on optimizing the user experience on the site. It’s a job that combines rigor and creativity.

My morning ritual involves a review of the previous day’s figures: traffic generated, highs and lows, etc. In addition, relational skills are highly important—I am constantly in touch with communication agencies, creative agencies, partners and internal teams (marketing, legal, technical, etc.). 

You work at the heart of the digital world, which presents new issues and major challenges for all companies. Does that create any particular difficulties?

Working within a “digital” profession means I frequently have to educate other colleagues so they understand our challenges, and we can work together to find new ways of doing things. It also means taking part in the transformation of business, and that’s another reason I like my job. It offers a new challenge every day. For example, I might find myself meeting with legal and compliance to explain the type of campaign we plan to launch, with the aim of facilitating the validation process as it adapts to the new pace of digital. 

You wrote a thesis on Big Data and acquisition strategies. Would you say you’ve turned your passion into your job? 

Definitely! I wrote my thesis on Big Data because it is such a strategic topic—there are so many challenges surrounding digital, but businesses have such a great opportunity to understand their customers better without being intrusive. In my acquisition and optimization work, I’m constantly working with data to find potential improvements. It’s important to remember that it’s not just about collecting millions of numbers—it’s about taking full advantage of the numbers we already have. 

Working with BNP Paribas Group is an incredible opportunity. Part of a close-knit team, I’m responsible for projects from start to finish, just as if I were working for a small organization. But at the same time, I can benefit from the strength of a large Group equipped with a legal team, expertise and skills that I can call on as needed for each project. 

How has your job evolved in the 2 ½ years since you started? 

Since I first arrived, I have seen a substantial rise in awareness to the challenges of digital. There is also a better understanding of our activity and its importance. In fact, the business objectives for Cardif.fr(Opens in a new tab) have doubled for 2017!

But beyond reaching these new goals, my greatest challenge this year is discovering new ways to talk about insurance. I’m making that happen by taking an innovative approach: launching a video-based campaign. 

“ There’s a lot to learn when you join the Group, and it can be hard at first, but just stay motivated and enthusiastic, with an appreciation for the banking and insurance sectors. And if you want to join the digital team, make sure you’re passionate about digital! ”

Janine Amorim Da Silva

Digital Traffic Acquisition Specialist

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